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  1. For me, I will go with who I think are the most creative & original in both presentation AND effects, as most of the effects by some of these guys come up with arent even really a variation of a trick, they are all almost complete brand-new creations more than just clever variations, & they inspire me to push my own comfort level & want to try breaking new ground & going for something totally different, even to other magicians. I want to copy these guys so bad... not there acts, but copy them in being over the top original & creative & create something/things that no one else would think of/or would necessarilly want to do!

    Sylvester the Jester
    Rudy Coby
    Amazing Johnathan
    Kevin James
    Marco Tempest
  2. Danny Garcia (Don't like his new style, he was better in "Fraud" and "Warning". now he is all non-badass)
    Wayne Houchin (By far the best creator)
    Daniel Madison (Just for his style...the way he gives his products a certain feel)

    I am for quality not quantity.

    I do NOT like the following magicians:
    Jay Sankey: though he has made a lot of effects including good ones, he should be courteous enough to not release impractical effects or effects that are not worth releasing. not everything you make is supposed to be released.

    Steve Fearson: I am never sure if I can buy something from fearson. He too has released effects that werent worth being sold
  3. Daniel Garcia ( I like the way he approach people and he creates magic out of daily objects )
    Wayne Houchin ( My first inspiration to do magic. I adored his and DG's work on Ultragaff )
    Mathieu Bich ( After watching him on Penn and Teller's Fool Us, I nominate him as the best magician I've ever seen )
    Spidey ( To be honest, I think he is great for Mentalism/Mental Magic creator )
    Daniel Madison ( For the best "presentation". His eerie and mysterious attitude gives magic something more )

    I nominate these people based on several standards ( presentation, idea, plot, etc )
    These people are, by far in my opinion, the best creators and performers nowadays in the magic industry

  4. You seem to have similar favorite magicians as me, I don't know much about "spidey". I think I should check him out, if you like him...there is a huge chance I might like him
  5. My List is :
    Andy Nyman
    Will Tsai
    Gaetan Bloom
    Danny Da Ortiz
    Aaron Fisher
    Michael Vincent

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