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  1. Hi I am really curious about Sean and Scott but don't know anything about them. Who are they and where are they from? Do they just do cardistry or do they do magic as well? Compared to the other "characters" here there's not much about them. I can find more about the Virts and French guys than them.

    Can someone please satisfy my nosiness!!

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    Who the **** is Sean and Scott? I only know a SCOTT and SEAN...jk. They are from the UK. Check and you'll videos of them.
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    s/s made one of my fav. flourish vids

    the one that has
    curve -chinese burn as the background music
  4. YOu don't know anything about them because they rarely post here at theory11.... try Decknique.

    Here's Scott's profile, he only has one video:

    And SEan:

    Check out the video on each of their pages, 5 alive is one of my favorite non-created cuts ever, and the performance is awesome. THe cuso also has a video of them on his youtube channel called 'Doube Take.'
  5. Well I got to go but will be back in like an hour and will explain everything about them and the frence guys and the virts.
  6. I assure you, 5alive was created.
  7. I really like Sean and Scott's work. I have seen so far is the tutorial of Mantis and the video as well. Is there any more videos out there of Scott and Sean because I haven't seen them doing cardistry for a while now.
  8. Thanks guys. I just wondered why I couldn't find much info on Scott and Sean, what I was trying to say is that there's loads of info on the Virts and French guys, in comparison not much on these guys. If they don't really come onto Theory 11 that would explain it. Decknique isn't one I use that much.
  9. Well the one great performance video of them from decknique was a hell of a long time ago, so you can only imagine how good they are now. Scott posts quite a bit at decknique, so if you want to hear some good advice go there.
    Decknique is where you'll find that all the threads are'n't 'Who's better Dm or Brian Tudor' and 'Help with a particular floursh'.... no, you'll get great advice there for stuff you want to know about.
    If someone here says 'I need help with....', almost always, they haven't practiced it enough, and then they come the t11 forums and clutter them with stuff like that.
  10. I don't know who's worse, Briannation or you...
  11. Well that all depends what your perspective of worse is.
    Briannation goes around copying and pasting dvd descriptions from Penguin... and I give helpful suggestions to people that are curious about cardistry... to put it brief, Dn is the place for cardistry, if you want to become truly good, and theory11 is the place for magic.
  12. Most people can't handle the truth.
  13. I can handle the truth just fine. In fact, I'm so competent, you only have to tell me once. I understand decknique is the greatest website on the face of the earth. I understood the first time he said it, the second time, the third and all the other times he's voiced his opinion on the subject.
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    Your mom's a man:eek:
  15. To put this in kind words, please be quiet. I'm telling people if they want a better theory11, they should try to improve it to the standards of a well-running forum. Read my post on the thread about theory11 being ruined.
  16. They are amazing because they are English, end of story... :D
  17. I'm not talking about that topic I'm talking about this one. You never said a damn thing about improving Theory11 in your post. You basically said that theory11 has a ton of n00by threads and that decknique is the only place to get good advice on card flourishing. I didn't read anything along the lines of improving theory11.

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