Custom Bicycle Playing Cards

Jul 17, 2012
Hi forum

I'm new here so please forgive me in advance for being a noob.

I was wondering, I keep seeing custom Bicycle playing cards weather they be on theory11, kickstarter etc. My question is does bicycle supply them with the necessary logo's and info to go on there packs or do the designers have to make them themselves.

The reason I'm asking is that I'm planning on creating my own pack of custom bicycle playing cards. I would like to know more about what goes into designing a deck of cards, and theory11's cards look amazing.


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Sep 14, 2008
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Most of the people who have successfully done the "create your own deck" on kickstarter are graphic artists. It is not cheap by any means. You are looking at around $10,000 I believe. There have only been a few actually meet their goals and MANY have fallen way short. You will need to create something that appeals to a large amount of people not just yourself or the "backers" will not be there. Hopefully one or two of the guys who did it can chime in. The one I can think of is the Galvanic Deck by Sean Whelan. His was awesome.
Mar 4, 2010
I think if you can make an awesome, original design that has some sort of hidden thing in it, it will increase your chances of having backers.

For example: If you have a deck with a certain design on it that when you fan, makes a pattern or an image or a message, that would be awesome and would possibly have people intrigued.

Just be creative.
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