Custom Tally Ho's

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  1. Wow! That design look like a playing card back, and it is beautyful, i would defenantly use those. I just don't like that particular tone of blue that much.
  2. Little update:

  3. wow, all you guys that are posting these great designs, awesome! you went for beyond my original idea of the tally hos, lol I never thought my thread would go to 11 pages!
  4. Thats pretty good.....

    I like it:)
  5. I stopped counting, but Tenchu: are you sure you have to post every single alteration of your card design? It still seems that you have to full the "empty parts" and I fear that until then we will see 10 more versions of this card.

    Yes ist is nice, now please show something DIFFERENT. (Sorry, I hope that this does not sound too rude.)
  6. Well I wouldn't mind seeing 1000 of versions of other designs. And yes, 10 versions AT LEAST and I'll fill those gaps ;) If you don't like it, skip the post.

    But yeah, I'll stop with posting new stuff.

  7. Could a mod change this thread into a "Post your card design here" thread, to stop forums getting cluttered with dozens of threads that are practically identical "What do you think of my design?"
  8. Yeah the official design thread would be nice.

    I know those design threads are crazy, but I had to do this even by myself just to get to more people. You know, more people = more feedback, comments, opinions, adivces etc.
  9. Hi Tenchu,

    the idea is tempting to get feedback WHILE you are doing a creative job. To hear if you are on the right way. But just imagine an artist asking others several times after a few brush strokes if they like it or not...

    What I wanted to say to you (as a designer and graphic artist):
    First of all do your own thing. Bring it to a possible end. Perhaps keep the design so flexible that you can arrange some things if it gets bad results. But even then - if it is only a single opinion - stay with your ideas. This will make you unique, you will get to much more FINAL ideas and versions and not hundreds of half way projects. And this brings you further. Thinking for yourself how YOU would like it if it is ready. THEN get other´s opinions.

    This works great for me and that is how my works were developed.
  10. To bring back the topic "custom Tally Ho" I would like to show you two Jokers that I designed as I was on search for 2 way Jokers that can be turned around without any problems.

    Here my result:
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    Yeah! I'm a big fan of circle backs so it's really nice.

    ** update **

    Is it the end?

  12. That looks really nice! I am so jealous of you card designers. lol all I have is paint and well.... its not pretty when I attempt to design cards. lol
  13. I don't like your way of filling the empty space. Those small diamonds don't fit in my opinion. I actually liked it when it had a little empty space.
  14. Ok, cool. It's just for fun, it will never be produced anyway.
  15. just remember: I will offer custom printed decks soon. So do not dream, get it real! ;)
  16. Cool, but I'm still broke as hell ;)
  17. Wow, thanks mate!

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