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  1. Overall it's nice, but you know that (at least the latest) design is one way because of some different parts here and there. Flip the design 180 degrees and you'll see it.
  2. If the one way design is not very obvious this could be a great advantage for the magician. I would stay with it.
  3. This was on purpose. While the obvious one way problem was fixed, I left
    some parts slightly lighter. For magic purposes of course.
    It is a very subtle one way back, but thanks for pointing that out.

    Calvin Lauber
  4. At last I found some time... Of course it's still in progress:


  5. Wow those look great, I'd buy some.

    - Sean
  6. Agreed.
    They look really nice!

    Calvin Lauber
  7. I like them too!

    Here's the one that's on the back of my business/playing card
  8. I hate every single one of you that can design things... ¬_¬

    :p Seriously guys, all the designs here are great.

    - Sean
  9. Wow Deryn, everything you touch turns to a really cool playing card design.
    That's insane. haha
    Seriously, the new design is sweeet.

    Calvin Lauber
  10. Thanks Calvin. Actually there's something missing from it. An ambigram that says the name of one card and when turned over, it says another.. great for a 2 person "pick a card" trick. they don't see it comin'! haha
  11. Ambigrams... A man after my own heart. :p

    - Sean
  12. aah hahaha.. I'd display them but I wouldn't want anyone using my work.. they're quite hard

    Your name, Sean, however, is very easy
  13. A little update, what do you think guys?

  14. Tenchu, I prefer the other version personally. :) mainly because of the spatial distribution of the pattern. With the latest one it seems really focused on the centre, which is cool, I'm not denying that, but my personal taste likes the other versiono. :)

    - Sean

  15. I think that your design is pretty good. However i think its just a little bit to complicated with all the patterns and stuff. But thats just my opinion, keep up the great work man:)
  16. Yeah, the details killed my pc. I need some hardware from NASA for that.

    My last post I promise, I gotta redesign it a lil bit because I found a little bug in the design.


  17. i see it.. the square part is not perfectly center. From the photo, it's a little higher than it should be
  18. Keep Zee Thread Eliiiiiiiiivvvvvveeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    ** UPDATE **

    Sorry, a little update - this one is the latest:

  20. The latest one and the one I said I liked before = full of win. They look like decks I would seriously use.

    - Sean

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