Custom Tally Ho's

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  1. that actually doesn't look too bad. nice job.
  2. Have a look at this web site!

    Check out "Haicicle"
  3. I like your concept, Deryn... But the way I had it in mind was to make the cards have like a "shadow master" or "Gaurdian" dark, shady and mysterios type look, your first one was a bit more of wat I had in mind... With mostly black, and a slight industrial type theme.... Good work on the proto though...
  4. I was just tweaking the back of a tally ho card, and I came up with this.

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  5. Actually i think its a great idea to make some custom tally hos. If you think about it, really all the current custom decks are with the bicycle design, apart from the vipers.
    I think its time to change into a few different types like tally ho, aladdin etc...

    That would be awesome:D
  6. By the way nice design deryn
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  8. thought i'd take a shot at the circle backs as well ^_^
  9. Whoa, the circle back looks great!
  10. Damn those are pretty awesome prototypes. Nice job Deryn.
  11. Thanks Guys!
  12. I think those designs look awesome. I would definatly buy a couple. Good Job:)
  13. what program did you use
  14. I've seen many tries from forumers to make their own designs for a custom deck, but most of them are far below standard. I think your designs, Deryn, are something that are close to being something that could actually have been mass produced. They look really great, and I especially like the Circle backs of yours. That looks fantastic! :)
  15. sorry i haven't respond earlier. I was doing a show in miami. First of all, thanks for all the kind compliments! you guys are great. And in response to the program I use.. I use regular old paint... just kidding. I use a combination of illustrator and photoshop.
  16. Ok That is cool.
  17. yep, that design really is something. Great Job!!!
  18. Deryn,

    I LOVE the concepts, but the one thing that frustrates me about them (and the guardians, as much as I love them) - the use of gradients.

    There's a filter out there that does some manual halftoning (like the woodcut style portraits on currency) that would make the design reproduce better on the cards and give it a more authentic look.

    i can't remember the one i used to use, but it did a decent job. if anyone has it, try applying it and seeing what happens, I'm really curious how they would turn out...

    it will sorta make the gradients do something like this....

  19. i actually just found it, and i'm noticing the software is having a hard time with the bevels among other things. and i'm getting pretty strange moire patterns coming up. I think to do what I'm thinking, I'd have to do it from scratch in illustrator....
  20. if that design was done proffesionally, on the circle back tally ho's, and it lost the over shinyness, theyd look damn good deryn.... :D

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