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  1. lets not let this die.

    more ideas?
  2. Hi everybody,

    I came to this forum when I went through my web site statistics. I was completely intrigued by the shown backs of this thread.

    For all of you who want to see their own design made on real good quality card stock there are some good news. Usually it is impossible to print directly onto Bicycle cards without removing the finish. So the removing and reapplying of the finish after the print is very time consuming (and expensive)

    I found a solution how to print directly onto cards without removing the finish. But these cards are not Bicycles as they are printed here in Germany. I call them Haicicles (Hai means Shark in Germany), they have another finish (water based instead of nitro based finish compared to Bicycles due to environmental issues) and do not fan that great like Bikes, but they have the same paper material (3 layers, same thickness, flexibility, size, corner roundings, linen structure etc) so that they could even be added to a Bicycle deck without getting noticed by a layman.

    The drawback of the finish is now a great advantage as I found out that the laser printing can be printed onto these cards without removing the finish. So now I could easily save a lot of time when producing the cards, and that would make the cards much cheaper compared to the price of custom printed Bikes from me. At the moment I am producing blank back decks at the manufactury to have enough decks for printing the backs, so that I only have to print the backs and not the faces. The faces are the same like Bikes, only the ace and the Jokers are different.

    Great thread, I agree, do not let this one die.

    Christian, the Card-Shark
  3. I love the idea.
    If I see another bicycle deck I might explode..
    But these... dude I would buy a brick of those!
    Nice Job!

    Calvin Lauber
  4. I just printed out the three different designs. They all look cool. But if you would really loved to get them printed in high quality, the final resolution must be higher (300 dpi instead of 200 dpi now).
  5. They're awesome dude!
  6. dude! you went one step futher and actualy printed the concept! awesome!
  7. It would be a shame to stop with designing them and not to bring them to reality... ;)
  8. Getting tired of black?

    introducing the fashion-hos...:D

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  9. No.
    I'm not tired of black. Please get that girly thing away
    from me... lol just messin with ya man.

    Calvin Lauber
  10. oh, come on you know you really want them

    stop acting so goth, or is it emo nowadays?:)
  11. Christian those are SAWEET!

    how much would it cost to have a laser printed deck ordered thru you?
  12. I am still not sure, I expect the blank decks in the first week of April. Then I will do some tests and see how many misprints I will get that I have to reprint (what means I would have to use a second blank deck). Then I will know how to calculate. So please wait a few more days, then I will know it better.

    But for testing purposes, these kind of backs would be pretty good and perhaps I could give away the first test decks for a better price...
  13. ok black_dove destroyed my design lol. Christian, the print outs look great. It really puts them into perspective when they're actually on paper. As far as everyone else, I've read each comment and took everything into consideration. I've lowered the shininess, took out the gradients, and made them look more like traditional tallys. You guys won't be disappointed, I'm just putting the finishing touches on them and I'll have them uploaded really soon! Thanks for the support guys!

    It's an awesome feeling when "every other custom deck" thread honestly sucks.
  14. uhh no I didn't.. I said they looked great..
    beanzmagic is the dude that made them look all wimpy. lol
    You seem to have looked at the posts wrong.

    Calvin Lauber
  15. My apologies, Calvin, SHAME ON YOU BEANZMAGIC! lol
  16. *puts tail between legs*:(
  17. i think they do look cool though in the classic red and blue colors
  18. I think if you want to go back to the classic style in blue and red you should avoid the additional black color. Here would be my idea of a classic design with increased contrast:
  19. Tough luck beanz, yet again out done by Card-Shark. lol

    Calvin Lauber

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