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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by ninja, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. My favorite is QUEENS! But I like all of them
  2. I like Subway and Hoffzy Osbourne.
  3. for real? i mean you can have your opinion but FOR REAL?

    And just because you weren't impressed by subway you didn't take the time to learn it? it is like 8 minutes (short attention span :p).

    and i don't see why people say the queens is like xcm, maybe to a magician but that is because they know how hard it is to get it smooth but to laymen it is like holy s*** especially with the collectors and queens transitions that is awsome!

    the only ones i think are to impractical are the tivos especially tivo 2.0.
  4. dont forget swiss made
  5. the only part i don't like in swiss made is when you put the card in the center.
  6. what about the cleanup?
    come on now
  7. I admit the control is horrible but that is easily bypassed, just do a pass or something - but if you think that is a hard cleanup you need some more practice because it really is a walk in the park.
  8. even the bucks say that there is no nice way of cleaning it up
    and even using the method they suggest you dont end 100% clean
  9. Well it's hardly like cleaning up a stinking pile of sick is it? Just say something, look the spectators in the eyes and reverse it.

    Oh noes, too difficult, I has to use misdirection!
  10. i dont like the trick
    its incomplete compared to the queens or headbergs peak
    and to most of the stuff on the dvds
    i would rather practice something else
  11. In what way is Tivo Tranpso unpractical?
  12. tivo 1.0 is quite good
    i think
    for the life of me i cant do the super flip
    (or whatever that move is called)
    so i cant do the effect
    the move seems too random to me
    not enough control
  13. So it's unpractical because you haven't practised it enough to get it under control?
  14. You don't have to do the superflip, there are a myriad of other changes that you can use in that situation.

    It seems nowadays that any effect that you actually have to practise to get right is impractical.
  15. My fav D&D trick is the original TiVo, i just love when people get fooled by that bluf pass.
  16. no its impractical because i dont think the move has 100% chance of success
    also performing it in a windy environment makes it harder
    im trying to figure out a way to replace it with a more solid move
  17. The queens is probably my favorite
  18. I really like Hoffzzy Osbourne and The Queens with the transition to the collectors routine on the trilogy.

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