Dan or Dave - Who is better?

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  1. Who do you guys think is better at flourishing Dan or Dave?
    Who do you guys think is better at magic Dan or Dave?
  2. Neither, they're perfect robots that were created for one and only one reason... To party! But seriously... does it really matter? They're both amazing flourishers and magicians, who cares.

  3. this wouldve been better as a poll... but o well...

    I think they did do a competition once and one of them was crowned better at flourishes and the other better at magic... I don't remember which one was which though... :p
  4. This isn't going to end well.
  5. Not another one...
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    JB said it best, when he stated:
    They are bought first-rate, extremely skilled, and talented; however, I would go with Doug. ;)

  7. Why must we choose.
    They are both one in the same.
  8. The better of the two is definitely Da... Wait... that's top secret, sorry.

    But seriously...

    For a start "good" is all a matter of opinion, anyway. There are no assessment criteria or anything which can definitively show that one person is a better magician/flourisher than another. You can make your own mind up if you really think it necessary.

    Secondly, if you had a twin, or even just a brother or sister about your age, you probably wouldn't like it when people compare you to your sibling, particularly when it comes to "who is better". There really is no need for it, especially when it could cause offence.

  9. Dude, I can't even tell them apart, let alone judge their skill levels. I say they both are just insane. Period.

  10. Both are good at what they do.
  11. 1+1=..........................1
  12. they both are great
  13. They actually have flourishing battles everyday -mimicking each others moves in sync and style!

    They are perfect...!
  14. I'm confused. Is this a joke I'm not getting, or are you referencing to me? :p Haha sorry, I'm just curious. :D

  15. If you want to get technical, then technically they are both the same person.
    However, I find their skills to be about the same overall, so its a tie.

  16. Correct me if I'm wrong but doug is there third brother.
  17. Oh haha ok. :)

  18. My thoughts exactly.
  19. It'd be hard to answer this question even if you wanted. All we usually see from them are their hands.
  20. I don't personally think this is a fair poll, it's like asking "Which do you prefer, peanut butter or jelly?"

    However, I enjoy Dan's flourishing more than Dave's; and vise-verse for Dave's magic compared with Dan's. I say this because I feel Dan has certain "flares" for creating beautiful and original flourishes, such as Pandora. Similarly, I find Dave has a special "flare" for creating fantastic effects using unique ideas to remove himself from sticky situations; such as TwinSplit Remix. :)


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