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    Hey Yall

    I've been dying to see a DG lecture but I cant find a damn thing on him. No Website no schedule no nothing! If your still alive Dan give us something. I want to see you live but I don't where your gonna be and when. Give us bone DG!!! Does anyone know anything about his schedule?!?!?!? help me out!
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    Whoa man, calm down. Last year he came to NY for a lecture. Who knows what he's been up to in the past year. Instead of trying to follow his schedule, you should check your local magic shops for information. They hold magic lectures all the time by well known magicians. He's bound to come close to you sometime. One thing you got to remember is he's a regular guy. He's not a rockstar. You should respect the artists for what they do, not look up to as an idol.
  3. Well he has been working on his website for like 3+ years. The closest things you're gonna find as of right now is added him on facebook and twitter; other than that you're S.O.L.
  4. He FB updates show he really hasn't even been home he has been on a crazy traveling schedule around the world. Just taking a guess, you might want to contact the houston area IBM ring and see if they have had any updates on him, I hear he's a regular member of that ring.
  5. Danny recently became the president of the Texas Association of Magicians so he's been busy with planning the 2012 convention in Houston. But like has been stated try following him on Twitter or something.

    (FYI if there is one convention you go to next year make it TAOM 2012. The line up of performers and lecturers is amazing!)

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