Darkness Falls

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  1. found a link but when i click it it says page cannot be found
  2. the c page? same.
  3. what is the c page i am on the Dap website
  4. The typing sounds like a hidden link to me but I don't want to start a wild goose chase. (even if it was a hidden link, I'd keep it to myself):D
  5. Just wanted to let everyone know I merged the 2 threads together.

    There is also some numbers on the Collateral product page//

    If you figure anything out pm me. :)

  6. I'm going to take a shot in the proverbial darkness and say...

    I believe the point is to say once you stop searching for the UMC, once you stop trying to get in, once you stop trying to impress people and instead strive to entertain people, your magic can flourish and the UMC will then find you.

  7. Sounds about right Thrall
  8. I just realized something. It's like a satire of how magic is today. All magic is trying to become more underground, more extreme, more hardcore. Magicians trying to look cool by who they hang with and how fast their sybil execution is.

    "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing the world he didnt exist."
    The devil thing is like most magic business today. The "please ignore the man behind the curtain" mentality. "Buying our stuff will make you cooler. No no, we aren't in it for the money. Move along."

    The saddest thing of all is...the UMC is self-sustaining. Because it exists, people want to get into it, and because people try too hard to get into it to say they are part of it, it continues to exist. The very people who try to gain entry are the same people who the UMC is trying to poke "fun" at.

  9. I think that might be close to the truth. a few weeks ago I didn;t want to get in because I thought that the UMC was all DM clones. but because of things that happened I now know that it isn;t. I'm not/wasn't trying to decode this to join the UMC, but to have fun. I want to join the UMC, sure, but not for a couple of years. I still ahve alot of growing in my magic to do. Anyways. if it existed: +1 rep for Thrall!
  10. DM works in mysterious ways. Cool black design.This one sounds interesting as it seems this will have more than magic in it.

    DM I BELIEVE (so don't hate me if I'm wrong) said that nothing will be said about "The Hunger" until I think February. This book appears to talk about it. So I wouldn't expect it until February. I said it before and I'll say it again, I really am not excited about "The Hunger" and I'm not sure what DM wants us to think. However, essentially he's saying "I'm doing something, but I can't say anything about it for several months." Good luck to DM with whatever he's doing, but in all honesty, I don't see the point in us knowing. I also disagree with many of DM's views on magic so I don't think I'll be getting this. (Whatever it is.)

    I love DM's work, but I disagree with many of his opinions in magic. See my Old School Magician... Say What? essay.

  11. i think hes making a book called "and a deck of cards"

    its kinda obvious - thourths thearies ideas and concepts from the book - a deck of cards....
  12. So the hunger is him not doing magic? THat's what it sounds like. Or is he not eating?
  13. No, he's actually not eating. Though the former could well drive him crazy also.
  14. just top fuel you guys some more. new quote on DM's site. I'm not really searching but here ya go:

    Diabolus Enim Alii Daemons a deo quidem natura creati sunt boni, sed ipsi per se facti sunt mali

    I couldnt translate it properly, but it has something to do with friends, Demon, and the beggining.
  15. no clue what you guys are talking about. but it shows a page of latin then redirects you to the hunger page. i figured out a bit of that latin ...devil in fact something something... indeed nature creator are something.. , but veryhimself artificial sun something.... something like that.

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