David Copperfield touring Australia!

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  1. Not long to go now!

    You all excited?
  2. To everyone who is going to see him, you will love it! It is definitely one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. I saw him in Vegas, and apparently this show is a revamped version of this Vegas show, you will love it! He does a lot of his classics including the levitating tie and slow-motion duck. You will love it!
  3. Blink. Since you've been creaming over this since March be sure to let us know your thoughts afterwords.
  4. LOL!

    Brilliantly worded.

    Will do mate!
  5. Does anyone know whether there'll be merchandise for sale?
    If so what it'll be?
    I guess this is more for the guys going to see him in Queensland tonight.
  6. When I saw him in Vegas all they sold were some glasses and a really ugly shirt that said, "David Copperfield" on it.

    I just wish that, "The Chaser's War on Everything" hadn't ended. They probably could've done some funny David Copperfield sketches.
  7. does anyone knw if hes touring new zealand?

  8. Anyone here go to the Brisbane event on tonight?
    Any reports on it or anything?
  9. He was just on the AFL Footy show.

    Not bad, though the Footy Show is pretty lame these days.
  10. He was on the 7pm Project too. I know you hate the show, but I think its awesome.

  11. lol surprised its still on man.
  12. I dunno man, it is pretty popular.

  13. I watched 7pm Project for the first time when David Copperfield was on, just to see the interview.
    The show ain't great at all...

    Copperfield tomorrow night for me! Can't wait.
  14. Just saw the Show...

    Hey Guys, Just came back from the show and it wasn't bad at all, problem is I thought that it lacked something. Its definitely not the same as it used to be, Not to mention he messed up a trick but thats a different story and DOES NOT factor in on why I thought it was lacking something. I felt mainly it was David on stage he didn't seem to have enough energy it felt kinda sloppy and half hearted.

    That was my feeling on tonight's show, sadly I never thought I would ever have to say that. But to anyone else that went to Saturday's 8PM session; what did you think?

    In the end I think its just because last time I went I didn't do magic and now knowing secrets its just not the same, I'm not sure thats why I'm posting my feedback on it.

  15. Hey Justin, it was my first time seeing Copperfield as well.

    To be honest I was quite underwhelmed, but I think it is excusable because he seemed fatigued. The thing he lacked was passion, mainly because he has performed the show sooo many times, and with repetition comes a reduction in passion for what you are doing, much like me performing 2CM over and over again.

    He did perform some great acts however I did think he started out slow.
    Highlights for me was his Mentalism Trick and his Appearing Car
    May I ask what trick he stuffed up? I didn't really spot it.

    P.S When I saw the guy sneaking out to steal the Duck i was reminded of Chris Kenner lol.
  16. I liked the show. I didn't know how most (if not all) the illusions were done so I was happy be just be entertained. And since it was my first magic show thing I've got nothing to compare it to.
    Yeah, doing the same show over and over probably gets to you, but I still enjoyed it.
    The fan illusion when he re-appeared caught me off guard and made me go wow, mainly because it was in the section infront of me, so very close!

    I believe the trick he stuffed up on was the ring and shoe one, since he did it "twice", but recovered quickly and ended the effect soon after.

    The show did sort of start slow, but picked up well. Low point was watching the straight jacket clip since I had already seen it.

    Final effect with the people reappearing was awesome since they were behind the section I was in, so for me, anything that was close made it doubly awesome.
  17. I saw his show in Brisbane and it was with great pleasure to see him perform live.

    But unfortunately, I wasn't amazed like i thought i'd be. Don't get me wrong, as I have the upmost respect for Mr Copperfield, but his show just seeemed like childs play for him. It was the same old illusions you see many other magicians do.

    For $250 a ticket, I wanted to see that awesome levitation effect he does, where he floats in mid-air through hoops and even levitates inside an enclosed glass box. Or maybe even a dove production. But no, instead I get to see a duck be produced from a bucket, a bucket I tells ya...

    To leave on a good note, all in all, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for myself to see David Copperfield even though the ticket was $250 I still give 5 Stars...

    P.S. David Copperfield you are the man.. Period!!!
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    Oh wow you never spotted it....I'll try and explain without exposure but it was with the ring on shoelace trick with his little shoe in his back pocket...The ring didn't go on the shoe first time round and he knew that and directed the camera man to focus on the spectator (the one that wouldn't talk) and David stepped out of camera and took the shoe back out of his pocket and quickly reset the trick and came back on camera and said "This trick is so good we are gonna do it twice" <- That might spark a memory. To most of the people they didn't pick it up but having been in the 15th Row for a moment I felt embarrassed for him. :(

    But yeh the car and Lotto Prediction was my fav too.


    Is that because Chris Kenner used to do that in Copperfield's earlier shows? or Just the face reminded you of him?

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