David Copperfield touring Australia!

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  1. Yeh I've seen videos of Kenner doing the duck steal, so it sparked a memory.

    Ahh yeh now that you mention it I remember him saying that. I had Bronze ticket so I had to watch the monitor.
  2. Mmmm, thats why he said it hehe.

  3. Hey guys, just thought of something. I saw the same show in Vegas, during the license plate prediction effect, his patter about his grandfather didn't match up with the patter in his Grandpa's Aces routine:


    Both are some of my favorite routines though!
  4. I have a bronze seat too, is it really bad?

  5. Is what really bad? the show?

  6. I was there at the show on Saturday night as well. I wouldn't say it was a bad show. It's just that i've seen most of the illusions already. Mind you, it was the third time I went to a Copperfield show. I thought that after 10 years, his show would have changed, but it was pretty much all the stuff that I've seen before either at his previous shows or through his tv specials which i've watched enough times to practically memorise all his illusions. So for me I was expecting a totally different show that i've never seen before, which didn't quite happen.

    But everyone who i've talked to who's not a magician seemed to have enjoyed the show, so I think that's what counts more.
  7. Yeh I agree, I didn't know if it was just me because I know the illusions. But yeh I guess we expected more but either way it was worth it I thought.

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    Wow, that was totally kick ass. The show was amazing, I had amazing seats 2nd row, thanks Chris Kenner and Matt Tarrant. I got to meet David and Chris and get Davids autograph.

    Thats Matt and Chris for the tickets. Great night.

  9. Was great to meet you JDEN,

    What a night!

    Just got home from the Second night out with Chris, cant even begin to explain the awesomeness haha!

    Would have been great if you could have stayed J, but will be next time mate!
  10. very much excited indeed
  11. It happened like over 6 months ago......

  12. Lalafuro is going around bumping a bunch of year old threads...

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