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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by notsoltd, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. So, I got my deckONE's today and decided to do my first review.

    First of all, when I looked at the box, my jaw dropped. This box is amazing. Just by holding it, you can FEEL how much thicker it is than the Sentinel box. The all around metalish color on the box is just flat out gorgeous.

    Also, I want to note this - Where the top of the box tucks in to close the box, there is no little half moon cut out like there is in every other box of cards. I LOVE this.

    Also, I love regular bikes. I love how thin they are. This is why I absolutely loved the Stingers. I believe the deckONE's are just as thick as the Sentinels but for some reason they seem thinner, they feel thinner, and they feel lighter. I love this as well.

    I know this isn't a very in depth review (I really should be leaving my house at this point lol) but I just wanted to post my first thoughts. While bikes have always been (and will always be) my performance cards of choice, the deckONE's are by far my favorite pack of cards available.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this - my favorite part is the "Transformers" look that these cards give off. There could be some patter ideas just in that alone.

  2. An observation...

    There is no possible review of cards until they are completely worn out and can you review something that is not used yet?...I am about to do a review of the Propaganda Deck...I got a couple of decks months ago and I think I can now safely do a review...

    why don`t you use them for a while then you return here and edit your post? I think that should be the way to go...
  3. Mine sould be here in a-few days!!! Also, on a scale of 1/10 what would you give it.
  4. I understand whatcha mean Luis. I said in my op tho that these were just my first impressions!
  5. I got mine earlier this week and i completely agree. They do feel a bit thinner than the sentinels, but they are extremely durable. I have a feeling they are going to last a long time. I also bought a few decks of S&M v.5 and i prefer DeckOne because like i said they are thin but very durable.
  6. I have a question: is the deck designed in traditionally cut?
    I just got mine yesterday morning, and I found that it is easier to do faro in a way that is for those traditionally cut.
    I didn't FULLY play with it yet, but only stack my stack deck from NDO.
    Is it only MY problem or is it really in traditionally cut??

    - Arthur
  7. I love these, I never got the sentinels.. Heck. Before a few days ago, when i got my Deck One's and S&M v5's, I have never touched any other card brand other than bicycle.. and ellusionist bikes. I'm a little upset that there isn't a half moon cut out at the top of the box. That way, the Box will get ruined quicker after constant opening and closing. So thats a minus. But they have a really nice feel. Like, when you use bikes and do a few fans and such, the fans go crummy and get better later on. I can do about 3x the amount of fans and such before i decide to put them away *incase my hands get sweaty, or don't wanna ruin em'

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