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  1. To me, the box set seems rather highly-priced for what you are receiving: x2 Decks, A typed note from Derren, packaged in a vegan leather box all for $99.95. When you compare that to other box sets Theory11 has offered in the past, namely, the Mystery Box Lockbox which included x12 Decks, a typed note, packaged in a wooden box made from 100-year old reclaimed wood at $149.95, the price of the DB Box Set seems to be very steep. I am very interested in the playing cards, they look incredible as all Theory11 decks do, I just had to wonder about the pricepoint of the box set. Just my thoughts, I hope the T11 team can offer some clarification.
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  2. I was coming here to post something similar

    I simply need to know what is the other “secret” alluded to

    But magic sellers unfortunately have a reputation for disappointment by oversell

    $100 is not the issue

    It’s whether I get anything of remote value rather than a signed letter and two decks
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  3. Hey guys, in a word, this entire project is breathtaking.

    The box in particular: it has a hardwood structure within, wrapped in vegan leather, blind-embossed and gold foil stamped with artwork from the deck within. They're individually handmade on antique machines, all 100% in the USA. Inside the box, there's two decks, and it arrives with a letterpressed, typewritten note from Derren that offers insight into his mind in creation of these objects. The letter arrives in a wax sealed, kraft paper envelope, bearing an emblem "from the desk of Derren Brown."

    Also for $100, I bought a plastic remote control car from Amazon last week that already broke.

    So in a word - YES, this is artisan-level craftsmanship, and it's not inexpensive to produce or create. It's work directly from the mind of one of our generation's best performers and most creative pioneers.

    The result, as with all art, is in the eye of the beholder. I'm quite confident that all those who receive it will treasure it, and likely frame the letter that comes with it. Enjoy!
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  4. I appreciate the response JB, Thank you. The set looks beautiful and I look forward to getting the decks.
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  5. are there any video instruction for the deck itself? Is it marked, one way back? Before I start going blind under a microscope with it - just wanted to ask in advance.
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  6. No instructions of any sort, and the deck is not a marked deck or one-way.

    // L
  7. The deck is totally a 1 way back - the inside frame has 3 blocks covering the corner and then 1 is missing on the fourth corner.

  8. Let me re-phrase - We didn't build this to be a marked or one-way deck.

    The design is not perfectly mirrored four ways, so there are tiny imperfections in the design that allow it to be used as a one-way, if you have eyes sharp enough to read those imperfections in performance. Instead, the design was meant to feel authentically “antique", with parts actually hand-illustrated. Design choice, not a marking system.

    Good eye!

    // L
  9. This deck has become one of my favorites, if not all time favorite Theory11 decks. I might have to break down and buy the box set.
  10. Are there going to be hints, or possibly a specific forum for those of us not as clever as Derren Brown?

    I’d love a place to say “this is what I’ve found, and what I think it means, and now I’m stuck.”
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  11. Okay... so, it seems like that’s a “no” to cooperation, then?

  12. Ditto.
    I have travelled so far down the rabbit-hole, and am unsure if this is the final destination, or there is more to be achieved!
  13. My first purchase from Theory11 has been the Derren Brown box set, alongside a single deck so I could keep the two in the box set sealed.

    Everything is stunning, I am incredibly happy with my purchase.

    I too am struggling with the ‘secret‘ aspect of the letter, if anyone could help me a long or set me on the right path it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!
  14. Same here!
  15. Same here! No idea!

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