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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Thank you T11 and jon bayme for doing the right thing. To me, fixing a mistake in such a manner means more then anything marketing can buy. Most companies in magic and outside of magic don't take the time to fix the mistakes made but you guys did it. thanks to all who helped make a difference. i have a renewed faith in t11, and i hope to see more great products and im very happy to know and see that your a company that makes things right.
  2. he doesn't exaggerates, iv done the homework on this one. steve is very sick in health however, and it was customers that brought this up.
  3. Don't be that guy ok? Why do you feel the need to rain on the parade here?

    Steve does not exaggerate and his history is quite accurate as verified by multiple individuals privately and publicly on the Cafe over the past several months. If they ever come back up you can check it out for yourself.

    That aside I am excited that the news has been given to the public now and T11 has done everything they can do make Steve happy. Steve is a great friend and I am happy beyond words to see the measures T11 has taken to rectify the situation here. I think they have truly set the bar for how this type of thing is and should be handled by other companies who run into similar issues.

    Thanks again JB, Marc DeSouza, Wayne, and Josh Barrett for initially raising the issue, and everyone else who even played the smallest role in helping to get this resolved.
  4. What a wonderful way to start my day!
    JB and WH, good onya guys! SD, Im so very happy for you my friend!
    Too all of you magicians looking for an awesome trick to add to your arsinal........... THIS IS IT!
    Happy Holidays to all,
  5. It's great that you came to an agreement! Hope this doesn't happen again!

  6. Hats off to the Theory 11 team!

    Steve Dusheck is, in my opinion, one of the brilliant minds in creative magic. I am proud of you guys for giving him the credit he deserves, and for having the mettle to make things right. Good to know some of those who are taking over where Steve left off have integrity!
  7. Very impressed. I admire this a lot, a whole lot. You actually admitted to your mistake rather than trying to cover it up.

    Furthermore, you had enough humility and respect to admit that publicly and openly, which some would say is a bad move for business, but screw that ideology, I as well as the better part of the magic community would MUCH RATHER do business with real people, who DO mess up, but are real enough to admit it and roll with the punches.

    Magic is held together by ethics and mutual respect anyway, so why not make that a core principle in your business.

    || sean ||
  8. Will the .pdf be made available to previous purchasers?

    Curious as o whether those of us who already bought it will receive the .pdf?
  9. Just a question to the T11 guys do you preform this trick???? And how clean is it?
  10. Manuscript

    Wow -- what a pleasant resolution.

    I have to say, Steve Dusheck's manuscript is pure gold! Although I liked the moves that Mr. Bueno came up with -- I seriously love the original transposition effect in the new manuscript.

    There are subtleties there that I had to re-read several times out of joy – brilliant real magic stuff. Little things – details -- and we all know what is in the details. What fantastic thinking.

    Mr. Dusheck's routine is more advanced than the one that came originally on the DVD – and it does very much increase the value. The whole thing is underpriced – even at the new price.

    I also have to say, that for me a manuscript is of much higher value than a recorded explanation. I can savor the manuscript – I can think about it, and read it where-ever I want. It is easier for me to process the different steps. So, thank you for that.
  11. Woke up this morning and found this one in my email. Wow! Great job guys. I'm glad there was a peaceful resolution. You'll all continue to have my full support.
  12. Have they done a mass email or are they going through one by one checking the orders as I am yet to receive anything in my email. I'm patient so it's no bother :) I just always look forward to reading material.

    - Sean
  13. So what I do not understand is did BJ Bueno take T11 for a ride or did he really not know that Steve Dusheck invented the trick?

    Also is the gimmick going to be remade to Steve Dusheck's liking? I seem to remember reading at the Magic Cafe a post by Steve saying that the T11 gimmick was not of the same high quality as the gimmicks that he makes.

    Like everyone else I too am glad the T11 has done so much to fix this mistake and that both T11 and Steve are happy with the new deal (the Digital Dissolve new deal not FDR's).
  14. I agree with you 100% about Mr. Dusheck's manuscript. I love how it's a hell of alot more open than Digital Dissolve when it comes to giving the spectator the coin. The misdirection involved with C/S Transpo is brilliant. I also think that DD is a good effect to do after C/S transpo if your audience ever asks you to do it again, because with C/S Transpo you do it mostly in your hands and with DD you make it seem like the spectator has control when you place the coins in her hand, thus making it more of a hands off approach.
  15. Dude I'm not raining on anyone's parade. Yes it's great that DD is back and I'm still gonna have to buy it even at the double price. He says "I was extremely upset physically and mentally." Maybe exaggerating? It's a great trick. I'm gonna buy it and maybe all of this hype is true about the manuscript being so valuable. I said maybe because after all the hype about the wynns I'm not to sure what to believe.
  16. ace he was not exageratting. like i said steve is sick, and stress even small amounts can be very harmful to him. he had to take meds to to keep him self calm when he posted on the cafe. so as you can imagine someone not sick might be upset about it, but steve is more physically sensitive to the stress of dealing with such matters at this time
  17. Oh ok. I never knew that, now I get it.
  18. persoanlly with the new manuscript i think even with the higher price, its much more of a steal now.
    electric john, the gimmick is ok.... its just made cheaper then normal for mass production. if you ordered this gaff from lassen or jamie at full price i have no doubt the quality would be 100% greater
  19. I'm glad everything is resolved, I knew it would be. I had taken quite a bit of heat over on the cafe for sticking up for the theory 11 guys. Guess they are not the evil people so many of you wanted them to be eh? Everyone is singing their praises now but a few weeks ago many of you wanted to hang them. I was a loner over on the cafe, now the same guys who were attacking me personally for supporting them are here ON THE THEORY 11 FORUMS KISSING ***, you guys are hilarious. You guys would get blown over by a stiff wind...Now do you guys believe me or do you still think they intentionally harmed Steve D. ? lol

    Also wanted to add that its pretty big of theory11 to allow the stone throwers on their forums, if it was up to me I wouldn't let trashtalkers come knockin on my door. Try talkin smack about Steve Brooks over on the cafe and you would get banned...
  20. Hart,

    I don't think I ever personally attacked you on the forums. I do remember you being pretty much an *** to Steve on the forums to defend your position.

    Do I think that someone intentionally did what they did knowing full well the ramifications of their actions? Yes I do actually and I think it put some of the individuals here at T11 in a very uncomfortable position. That being said it is water over the bridge at this point and most of us have moved forward on the issue. The issue was resolved, changes were made, everyone seems to be happy.

    You seem to want to sling some mud around after the fact and claim some sort of moral victory here because you fought against those who supported Steve. Personally I could care less and don't have the time for petty b.s. like this so have a ball.


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