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  1. This looks very nice, and I can't wait to get it. I'm not much into coin magic, but this effect really sucks me in. Good work on being mature about it, t11! I'm pleased you guys reached an agreement, but even more pleased at the way you handled it.
  2. Mr. Princehal,

    I was - ( ah nvm I can't imitate his formally structured sentences) Why'd you refuse to perform digital dissolve until it was resolved? It didn't do anything. Think Wayne or Dan White really cared, this kid isn't doing our effect we gotta solve this. No so you took it a little too far. It's over and what you did about not performing it (In my opinion, no offense, may I say it was dumb?) was effect-less. Now as I said this is all over so dont go quoting someone from page one just to critisize their thoughts because they probably won't even read it and you'll just sound like a fool. (Also please do not flame me for stating my opinion.) Thanks.:D
  3. Personally, I think it was a really noble thing to do. Because T11 didn't have Steve's permission to sell it, performing it would essentially be performing another man's material without his permission. You wouldn't put another man's material in your act without first asking, would you? Then what makes this Digital Dissolve incident so much different?

    It may have been effect-less, but he didn't do it to affect or change anything. He did it because of his own ethics and what he believed was right and wrong.

    EDIT: If this came across as flaming, it wasn't supposed to. I said everything here as sincerely as possible, but that can't be shown across the internet.
  4. Yes, actually I do think they cared that people were taking this type of stance and making it known. Deep down I think quite a few of the guys at T11 cared quite a bit about this, whether they said so publicly or not. Anyone who's name is associated with this site almost certainly cared quite a bit about this incident It would be foolish to think otherwise as their names and reputations as artists were just as much on the line simply by association.

  5. Impressed

    To JB and the 11 team:

    I am truly impressed with your guts and courage to admit this mistake and take the action you did. I know for a fact that JBs past employer would not have had the guts to do this.

    My true and sincere appreciation goes out to each member of this team and your honesty. You have just moved to the top of my list of cmpanies in this industry. It will be a pleasure to do business with you from now on.
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    Mickey and Princehal,

    I should have used a different word than kissing ass. I just think its funny that both of you are here on the THEORY 11 forums, thats all. A few weeks ago you were some of the "leaders"(frequent posters on the cafe AGAINST T11) in a crusade of sorts against t11. You guys and everyone else were screaming boycott and you certainly didn't mind or didn't speak up when others were making ridiculous claims about t11 and their business practices. You wouldn't even entertain my idea of giving them the benefit of the doubt, remember?

    Mickey, don't think I didn't read a few of your posts that attacked me personally before you had a chance to delete them over on the cafe. Or what about your little jabs at Mr. Bayme Mickey? You wouldn't be on my forums if I was the CEO, I'll tell you that much. I also recall Princehal taking some shots at me as well.

    Anyway, whats done is done and I guess after getting "beat up" over on the cafe for believing that t11 would do the right thing I just wanted to vent. I don't owe Steve D. ANYTHING Princehal. I asked him a few questions. Never once did I attack him personally like he did me. If I owe Steve D. an apology then both of you certainly owe me and t11 an apology...
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    Alright guys.

    There's no need for feuds. As stated before, those who raised their voices about Digital Dissolve are greatly appreciated and deserve utmost thanks. Because of them, mistakes were corrected, and a resolution was reached.

    We're all magicians and we're all here to advance the art of magic. There's no reason to beef with each other. Group hug... (optional)?

    Thanks guys!
  8. Keene

    Edited because of previous post -- which is right.

    Because this is not the place, I will respond only with this. People did not call you out until you attacked Mr. Dusheck. You were rude and dismissive to him, and tried to call into question his right to have a dog in the fight. Well, seems he had a big dog in it.

    I probably never attacked you -- you just recognize my name from the forum. But if I said anything that you considered an attack, well I am sorry you felt that way.

    I bought DD when it first came out and visited the forums but did not join. Being here at the forum, now that things are resolved is not funny at all.

    If the cafe ever comes back, I am sure we can wax poetic ad nausaum. Meanwhile, since Theory11 did the right thing, and proved they are not like some of the other vendors -- buy something.

    But I still think you owe Mr. Dusheck an apology.

  9. You're probably right Jack...

    Mickey and Princehal, no hard feelings? As you can see from the outcome I was right about the t11 guys being good people. You both were right about sticking up for Dushek. I guess both sides let emotions get involved and that is when things can get personal.

    I am not going to apologize to Mr. Dushek at this time because I still feel he dealt some really low blows to me in his last few posts on the cafe. Low blows that I don't feel were justified. But that is between Dushek and me anyway...

    So, regarding the product...should buyers wait for all the changes or can they buy now? Sorry if I missed this...
  10. Group Hug Now

    I would buy it right away, it's good stuff. Other then the crediting -- the DVD will be the same, and with Dusheck's manuscript -- it is a steal.

    Someone earlier posted how nice this makes for a repeat, and I agree. The two different approaches would work very well together.
  11. Personally I want to wait until the new DVD's are pressed and the second batch of gaffs are out as well. I don't think that should stop anyone who was waiting to snatch this up now that Steve's manuscript is being included and all crediting issues have been resolved.


    p.s. Hart I don't think anyone has any hard feelings. The end result is that everyone is happy and looking forward to enjoying the magic. The Cafe can be a bitter frozen tundra and it sucks that things can get so out of hand at times when I am sure if everyone was physically sitting in the same room the conversation would be very different.
  12. Excellent point Jim, I would like to think that I could say what I post to anyone's face but who knows. It is what it is...Just like how some people turn into monsters behind the wheel. Instead of road rage its "forum rage"...

    Does anyone know if the gimmick will be better in the next run for sure? Or was this just speculation? Maybe I should pay closer attention...I will stay after class, I promise.
  13. So what I do not understand is did BJ Bueno take T11 for a ride or did he really not know that Steve Dusheck invented the trick?
  14. Oh and Hart you must be excited to know that Steve Dusheck is planning on naming his next trick after you. ;)

    I just read some of the posts over that the Cafe and man some of them really did attack you unfairly. You handled it with class though. That is about the best anyone can hope to do in that kind of situation. Kudos for that.

  15. Thanks man, see what I mean? ;)

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