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    Well Jim, you still had time to respond. Notice I didn't single anyone out but I'm glad you felt the need to comment.

    Not here to throw mud, just point out how funny people can be with issues like this. I know some of you will say this is "water under the bridge" but there was some pretty nasty accusations made against t11. But whats done is done I guess.

    You say I acted like an a-hole toward Steve? Maybe you forget the things others said and made up about t11? I would say I was pretty tamed in comparison...

    Like I said before, pretty big of the theory 11 guys to "forget" the things some of you said and fabricated about them and allow you on THEIR forums. Just shows what stand up guys they are. Can't say the same for other forum operators and users....
  2. And lets all fight after the conflict has been resolved! Yay! Now on topic, stop fighting are you guys 7 year olds trying to prove some sort of a point. It doesn't matter if T11 did it intentionally or not (I doubt they did) but it's over. On a lighter note (not too much lighter) it really stinks that the gimmick is made cheaper now and not as good quality as before. May hold me back from buying now.:(

  3. Wait, why is it cheaper?
  4. BTW, sorry for bringing up the past...

    Guess I still have a few hard feelings toward those who attacked me personally on the cafe just for voicing my opinion. I didn't do anything to anyone and yet they(Steve D. as well) attacked me because I wanted to give t11 the benefit of the doubt...go figure. Glad t11 proved all of them wrong....
  5. Just wanted to say congrats to both Theory11 and Steve Dushek.

    You've made this effect better than ever now and all the conflict is resolved. I hope everyone is extremely happy with this agreement because I know as a customer this is awesome, all of this extra handlings and history of the product is amazing. Only 10 dollars or something extra? An amazing deal if you ask me, especially since Jamie has produced these coins, he's just a genious.

    Great work to everyone.

    -Happy Holidays,
  6. The gimmicks for DD are made using the exact same process as they would be for a custom order. Now, I'm sure that Jamie spends a few more minutes eyeing custom orders for $70 a piece than he does on mass produced coins, but I can assure you that the production process is the same. These are not lower quality gimmicks. And, according to Jamie, the second run of DD coins is even better than the first. His production process is becoming more streamlined meaning that we receive a smaller and smaller amount of defective coins.

  7. $45 now? More expensive that I would have liked to pay, but if everyone says its as great as they say, then I'll gladly buy it.
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    Actually, it's $44.95 -- not $45 -- but if you'd like to send me the additional five cents, feel free to do so. ;)

    With the re-release of Digital Dissolve, you also receive the original manuscript of Steve Dusheck's Copper/Silver Transposition, as a download:
  9. Trust me when I say that 45 bucks for this package is an absolute steal!
  10. Ah, I'm so glad to see that Digital Dissolve is yet again a part of Theory11. I love this effect, and as soon as I recieve the original manuscript I think that I'll be performing this more often!

    Do I have to do anything special to get my hands on it since I ordered the 1st edition of Digital Dissolve when the site was first launched?

    I agree, this really does show Theory11's true colors and yet again...this is definatly a place that I'm proud to say that I'm a part of.

    Keep it rockin'.

    Shane K.
  11. Hart,
    I know I shouldn't even entertain a response ... but there IS a big difference between "Kissing ***" and commending the folks for stepping up and making things right with Steve!
  12. The manuscript is "on the house" for those who have already purchased Digital Dissolve, as stated in the news post: "... to all of you that have already purchased Digital Dissolve-- check your email. It's on the house."

    Some have gotten the email, others have not -- if anything, submit a support ticket and the support guys will help you out.

  13. I couldn't agree with you more. I know that I don't only speak for myself when I say that - as a working professional - I GLADLY would have paid upwards of $500.00 to add this effect to my performing repertoire. Those of you who are workers will know what I'm talking about. An effect of this nature that:

    -personally involves your audience
    -is relatively easy to perform
    -is as visually magical as it is
    -requires almost NO set-up or re-set
    -comes with MULTIPLE handlings & options that allow you to customize your presentation

  14. I just wanted to thank theory11 for doing the right thing. So many people in our field rationalize theft and defend poor ethical positions. When they are finally forced into doing something about it, they still pass the buck or simply refuse to acknowledge an error had been made.

    So often we only criticize those who do wrong; we fail to recognize those who do right.

    Theory11 did the right thing. They publicly admitted they made a mistake; they took steps to make the situation right with the affected parties; and they have apparently implemented measures to keep it from happening again.

    When theory11 first appeared on the scene, many said, "oh, another Ellusionist." I am happy to report they are wrong. Theory11 has already demonstrated that they are - at least ethically - nothing like "another Ellusionist."

    I hope theory11 will prove to be a great example to other producers: that new magical ideas can be presented via cutting edge formats in a manner that is respectful of other creators and the art as a whole.

    As someone who cares about these issues, I thank you for handling this in a professional and ethical manner.


    Brad Henderson
  15. Brad:

    Seasons greetings! Thank you for your thoughts - you make several great points. This is something that we certainly have learned from, and as you mentioned, I hope that others within our community can learn from our mistakes as well. We all stand on the shoulders of giants & it is important that we recognize and acknowledge that.
  16. i have some questions about getting this....i called but there was noone there, and since this isnt urgent should i just submit a ticket?
  17. Steve Dusheck's preformance of DD

    Will there be a video of steve preforming Digital Dissolve?
  18. The Digital Dissolve DVD is being re-filmed & edited for the 2nd edition DVD, but there won't be any additional performances, or the such:
  19. Will it be possible for us owners of the first batch gimmicks to purchase the newly made gimmick without re-buying the DVD (like with the Distortion gimmick)?
  20. Kissing Up

    Mr Keene,

    Theory11 is a business. They did the right thing. Some of us who hoped they they would came here to complement them on their course of action. Any business who would ban people who disagree with them would not last very long.

    If anyone is "kissing-up" here, it seems to be you. You owe an apology to the creator of DD, Steve Dusheck. You owe an apology to a lot of people, but I doubt you would ever give one. I purchased the product, did you? I also refused to perform it before this resolution. Now, I can put something I bought to good use.

    When I send my money to a business, they are not doing me a favor by selling me their product. So no kissing-up is needed. The folks here did the right thing. Everyone seems happy. And credit is being given for that. That is honor.

    Learn from it.

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