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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NathanMagic, Sep 16, 2017.

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  1. Hello I started a discord that I'm hoping some of you guys will join. The point of this discord is to help others learn magic, create tricks together, and get to know some of the magicians on theory11. Right now we have to members. If you want to join
    Here's the link
  2. Just comment if you wanna join
  3. We now have 3 members please join to make it 4!
  4. Hey guys! We now have 4 members! Thanks everyone who's joining! Please help make us get to 10!
  5. Still accepting people! We have 6 people now. Please join! We might do a discussion today.
  6. May I join?
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  7. Sure!
  8. You will need to post a new invite link. Other one expired.
  9. Ok let me get one
  10. Here's today's link to join. We have 10 people in the discord. Anybody can join even if your a beginner. https://discord.gg/ZqNMWg
  11. I think it might be better if you simply wait for someone to ask you to join then post the link.
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  12. I'm game if the idea is still live.
  13. It is and we have like 12 people in it
  14. Ill give you a link to join
  15. Id like to join
  16. Could you post a non expiring invite please? I’m sure it would be easier for everyone involved.
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