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  1. I personally have had at least some success using pseudo science to explain tricks. The best example was with a trick with matches, using one to pop the other into the air. Someone had asked me how I did it, and I said it was micro-filamental energy, a but like magnetism but more violent, etc. etc. He went for it, hook, line, and sinker. Lucky for me (not that this would happen often) he googled micro-filaments and they're actually real. It took him a really long time to figure out it wasn't actual science, and he really only figured it out because someone told him. Although I do see what you mean when you say it might be a bit heady for some people.
    As for logical and engaging patter, I feel like the best principle to use is that your props have to be symbols for something. The signed card represents the spectator's ambitions in an ACR. The three coins in the Gadabout Coins are three buddies that don't like to be separated. First the one in the pocket joins the two in the hand so they can hang out, then at the end the two in the hand get stage fright and join the one in the pocket. [NB: If you follow this up with: "And that's when I know to stop performing, when the coins get stage fright." It works pretty well as a finisher.]
    Is there an effect where a signed coin bends and then unbends? I'm not very experienced in coin magic and even less aware of what effects are out there. If there is, you could liken the signed coin to someone's attitude/ambitions/spirit thingy and talk about how people put tasks and jobs and responsibilities on your shoulders which bends the spirit.
    "Open your hand, how many responsibilities do you have?"
    "But you see, (close your hand again) if you get enough stuff done, or even if you just watch an inspiring video, you feel empowered and you're able to stand straight again. Check it out."
    And then the coin's straight.
    Thoughts? What do y'all think, are these logical enough, or is the declaration that the coins are buddies to arbitrary?
  2. Eric jones talks a lot about this in his new release "Mirage et Trios" (butchered spelling I'm sure lol) where he both: A. borrows the coins to create a more organic feel to it and B. allows the coins to be placed into the spectator's hands as much as possible during the routine. At the end the coins are handed back out and they are left with a sort of souvenir (even though it was there's to begin with) because they can check the coins or try to make the magic happen themselves, knowing that it is impossible because the coins were THERE OWN the whole time!
  3. Come on. You 'disagree' with coin magic? I get you are trying to just explain the flaws in it, but why? Seriously? Every single thing example you gave is magic's flaws, not coins. Coins more common they cards. Are they not? Card magic is much less justified than coin magic. So what if I can flip over every card except yours in a deck (triumph). Or make a card randomly appear in my mouth (card to mouth). Or if I can switch two cards without you noticing (practically every monte routine). Who cares? Same can be explained for stage magic? Why do I need to saw somebody in half? Or stick knives in them to see if they die? Nothing in magic is justified. I mean really justified. Coins are more related to than cards. Every time you buy something at a store, its I'm a young kid and I have been doing magic for four years now. I started like many others with Ellusionist, Theory 11, and Penguin, maybe Ellusionist the most. Card magic was a big thing for me, I mean everybody starts with cards (most). I first discovered Kaiona Harbottle's routine Misbehavin' which is something that is not justified, but amazing. On Harbottle's live lecture on Penguin, he mentions that the coins he uses are sold for upwards of $75 (Barber Halves, although they can go for as low as $5 if you are very lucky) He argues that when that coin vanishes, it becomes much more significant. My argument can be summarized into a few points:
    - The things you listed are not problems with coin magic, but with all types of magic
    - Coin magic "is" much more related to than card magic
    - Coin magic is more "look at you" then card magic
    - I strongly disagree with you
  4. Coin magic is absolutely wonderful. I've never been asked why I carry coins, as a member of society I am required to use its currency. On the other hand, I carry cards and sponge balls. I am a magician, that is the only justification I need to do magic.

    The proper manipulation of coins teaches the proper manipulation of all objects that size. It would be a grievous error to ignore that training.


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