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Drawing Duplication

I've been on a hunt for a version of drawing duplication that can be done on the spot with just some pens and note cards. A quick version for the street or stage. I can't find any that tickle my fancy. Any suggestions?
Sep 24, 2007
Theres a sort-of design duplication with just ordinary business cards in Alain Nu's Mind over matter. The spectator draws a drawing, it's lost among a bunch of business cards. They then use their own intuition to find the card among the others, and you finish by duplicating the drawing
Mar 6, 2008
A Land Down Under
UI does not fit the on the spot method taht he wants. I have a soft spot for DD's and some of the best ones that are 100% impromptu are as follows.

Sneak Thief: (Either Max Maven's Desire or Andy Nyman's Graphology.)

This is more than a DD it is a psychometery style themed routine with a DD as a kicker. If I can perform just one effect it is always this.

Transmission (Marc Spelmann):
Very interesting take on a multiple DD that requires a very simple method that you would not believe works until you try it.
Mikk Sneak Thief is so much more than a DD it is a fully fledged act that can last for easily 10 minutes.

Exactly, although you would need to read a lot about psychometry and to make it last that long, perform it so much that what you say will easily mach up to what the person is like.

But i think i got a solid 7 min routine out of Sneak Thief when i performed it.

Sep 1, 2007
Las Vegas
All great suggestions.
You may also want to consider Michael Weber's BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARDS. Great routine that's perhaps more suited to a stand up or stage conditions for a small or large group. The cool thing is that your back is to the (drawing) volunteers the entire time and you are still able to replicate their drawing. No real gimmicks, he used some cut up FedEx boxes when I saw him perform.
Just adding to your research...Michael Weber, BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARDS.
Sep 24, 2007
I'm assuming that the original poster is looking for a DD that works with just one person. Sneak thief is out.
Sep 24, 2007
Then wouldn't Desire fit better? The whole thing about sneak thief is the ability to give readings to the different people.
May 12, 2009
Don't forget Bold Business by Patrick Kuffs.
Completely impromptu, easy handling, and looks pretty cool.
I believe you can find it on his Mind Stunts DVD.

Now if you're looking for gimmicked effects, I would suggest any John Riggs product. I think the Butterfly is an amazing tool. It is actually one of my workhorses.
Then wouldn't Desire fit better? The whole thing about sneak thief is the ability to give readings to the different people.

And your point is?

Sneak Thief is angled towards performers who do psychological work, so if you say you have a psychological advantage then reading people is basically a must. So Sneak Thief is to read people, read the picture and figure out the picture out of the persons face.
That was how i did it anyway.

But the way you present it is your job, you can prettymuch say that you are making it tougher for yourself by having 3 pictures and mixed and 1picked.

Nov 8, 2007
Banachek has a really nice Drawing Duplication on volume one of his PSI Series. No stooges, no prep-work, and it's completely impromptu

All you need is a pen and a small stack of business cards. Very practical and designed for close-up.
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