Elastic shell for a shot glass

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  1. Heyho,

    I am searching for an elastic shell for a shot glass. It should be a little bit bigger than the shotglass and it should be flexible. Most shot glasses have different sizes so I am more or less searching for a way to make such a shell. Do you have any idea how I could to this (maybe some special form of dough which hardens or some special equipment for bartenders)?

    Thanks for your help.



    PS: That is a pic of the shot glass I am using.

    Picture 1.jpg
  2. I'm not sure what you mean exactly by shell. Do you mean like the picture below, but for shot glass? What is the purpose? And how elasticy does it need to be?

  3. It should cover the glass from the outside and it should be very elastic. Like a shot glass made of rubber only slightly larger than my shot glass.
  4. Do you intend to use it like a coin shell? Should it more or less pass as a shot glass visually? If so then I think you're out of luck, it would almost definitely have to me custom made, particularly if it needs to suit some arbitrary shot glass.
  5. Go to a craft store and buy some liquid latex. Then paint up a shot glass to create your elastic shell. Or perhaps buy a mould kit and make a nice shell
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  6. I should probably search for an elastic form which fits over a shot glass. I will go to a crafts store and ask them for liquid latex or a way to create one. Do you otherwise ideas as to where I could find such an elastic form/shell?
  7. Philipp, take a mouse pad and cut it to size then glue it around shot glass with rubber cement (contact adhesive).

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