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  1. Hello everyone! Help me please. I'd like to buy elastic thread, preferably chrystal color. So.. I can't find it.. yesterday, I found it on eBay. Help me to choose right thing please. What about thickness ? Which kind of that should be really invisible?





    I don't know.. is it suitable for flip card? (Is it good for card trick Hawk? ) Thanks to everyone. I hope you help me.
  2. I'm no expert on elastic thread but judging by your preferences, i would believe that the thinner the elastic thread is, the more invisible it is. The only problem is that thinner threads are more vulnerable to breaking. So i would, personally, go for somewhere in the middle of thin thread and thick thread such as 0.6mm or 0.8mm.

    Maybe try and have another look at magic stores and search for Mesika's Elastics (as in Yigal Mesika) From what i know, this is the best type of elastic thread out there.

    But like i said, i'm no expert so i'm not the most reliable source on this subject. Maybe other forum members with more knowledge will come along and help answer your question.

    Even though i'm not entirely certain of what I've said, i hope this helps anyway.
  3. thank you ) Unfortunatelly we have only one magic store in our country.. but it's too far.. and price is very expensive.. bicycle regular deck costs 6$.. i can buy it on eBay twice cheaper ) I hope others members will give me a couple of advices ) But thank you a lot for your reply :)
  4. I'm not sure what size the thread is, but I usually buy Yigel Mesikas elastic thread to make loops. It always works well for me.
  5. Is there any specific reason for wanting crystal colour?

    The best ones out there are black.

    Do you have a link to the stuff you're looking at on ebay? So we can help you.
  6. I think, chrystal thread is the most suitable for the flip card, isn't it? I have found chrystal elastic thread on eBay
  7. Excuse my ignorance but what is the flip card?

    The crystal thread that I have found is like fishing line yeah?

    I don't know what trick you are wanting it for but fishing line isn't that invisible.
  8. I think, chrystal elastic thread is thinner than a fish line and it's elastic. Isn't it? Or am I mistaken?
  9. It's not called crystal thread. It's just called elastic. You can find them in any fabric store.
  10. Try Yigal Mesika's elastic thread?
  11. Most craft shops sell tons of different types and or colors of thread and elastic thread. I would find a local one and drive there depending on how far the nearest one is. I have 3 within 15 minutes of my house.

    I have seen clear invisible elastic thread used in card effects before such as Kundalini. If you look for a thin thread that girls use to make bracelets (where they put the beads on them) most of the time it is the clear elastic that stretches quite nicely. You may have to look for a thin kind or buy a roll and strip it.

    If you are going to go with black...you might as well just go with the Mesika elastics.

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