Elevator/Rising Card Effects?

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  1. I was wondering where it would be a good place to find a rising card effect where you have a card placed at the bottom of the deck outjogged and slowly rise up to top like Riot but no gimmicks.
  2. Shifty by Chris Kenner is sold here, fallen by Daniel garcia is sold at ellusionist, the graduate by Aaron fisher is good but I don't know where it is sold.
  3. Yeah I've heard fallen by Daniel Garcia had really bad angle issues though.
  4. Yeah, it does. I would go with shifty or the graduate, I think the graduate is sold a lee Asher's website.
  5. There's the always classic Raise Rise by Ray Kosby. There's also The Lazy Rise from Chris Mayhew, A.K.A. "The Lazy Man's Raise Rise". The Last one that comes to mind is Uzumaki from Dan & Dave.

    Also, in the other direction (top to bottom, if you're interested) there's Falling Elevator by Bizau Vasile Cristian.

    That's all that comes to mind right now. :D
  6. the elegy shift is a great one also
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    Why must it be no gimmicks? But look at Chengs Riser
  8. the falling elevator by bizau christian on papercrane
  9. Fallen by Daniel Garcia is not unlike most card effects. There is a proper time and place to perform them. Be aware of your surroundings and you shouldn't have a problem performing any card effect.

    If you get caught due to angle issues, that is a fault in your performance of the effect, not in the effect itself.

    Just my opinion from experience.

    - Steve
  10. I just want it to be impromptu because I dont like carrying around a lot of gimmicks.
  11. I use a combination of methods, namely a mix of Shifty, Uzumaki, and The Graduate. Completely impromptu and you can do it with the selection face up.
  12. This is something of mine that might be coming out in the next couple of months. I'm a visual ambitious rising card freak, so this might interest some of you.

    Click here: Muse // Lloyd Barnes


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