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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eric Jones, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I just wanted to pop in and give anyone interested my lecture dates through December. If i'm in your area, please drop by and say hi:

    October 23rd Divine Magic and Novelties/ Richmond, VA
    November 3rd The Magic Warehouse/Owings Mills, MD
    November 13th Kutztown Convention/ Kutztown, PA
    November 15th Grand Rapids,Michigan
    November 17th Indianapolis, Indiana
    November 18th Kansas City, MO
    November 19th Chicago, Illinois
    November 21st Bob Little's Super Sunday Bensalem PA
    November 26th-28th European Coin Symposium Milan Italy
    December 12th The Magic Apple Los Angeles, CA
    December 13th-19th Early Close-Up at The Magic Castle

    For more info, visit
  2. Your killing me Eric...nothing in Ohio. Ha. Ha. Ed Ellis and I would have attended. We live right down the road from each other. He speaks very highly of you and will be performing out at the castle as well in December.
  3. Eric, where in Chicago?
  4. Yep, I going to miss the one in Richmond... One of these days...
  5. Why aren't you going to GA? Grrr....
  6. Too bad you're not coming to Nashville
  7. Eric is the real deal. His magic is smooth, 'sexy' and just plain fun to watch. If he's anywhere close to where you live make the trip, feel free to thank me later.

    l u k e
  8. :( I can't ever find anything like this around Houston
  9. What time is your lecture in Bensalem?
  10. When ya coming to vancouver, eh?
  11. and Nashville :( *tear*
  12. I second that
  13. hey guys thanks for the feedback and interest. If you're interested in having me come out to lecture for your group or organization, visit my website and send your "powers that be" my contact info, or PM me here to get it.

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