False Rev cut

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  1. I accidentally did a false one handed rev cut and found i can do both a regular and false pretty easily

    Is there really any use for a false Rev cut?
  2. I can't think of one, as of now.

    When I first read what you had to say, I thought that maybe it could be a magic ''trick'' in its own where after series of cardistry moves (all of which should be 'false') you could have the false Rev cut as a closure, and then amaze cardists and magicians by showing a deck in new deck order. But this seems to be unnecessary work and a bad effect for otherwise normal human beings who haven't spent their time in fiddling with cards.

    How flashy does the move look though? That could count for some cardistry points.

    Or you could treat it as a beginning move, before you break the top packet into multiple packets for a bigger move (you do this by not closing your false rev, as is obvious).

    PS:- The best use for you personally however, is that you now have perfect muscle memory and strength to master Lindholm by Chris Ramsay. If you don't know that one, learn it! :)
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  3. I like Chris Ramsay tbh he's the one that got me into cards I've learned a few of his flourishes 52k, stitches, honeycomb, air Bender, faux not to say I can do any of them well but Lindholm I've struggled with for a while now

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