Fast Forward: CoinOne with Cards

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MagicJohnson, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Hey guys just want to put this video up to show this idea that ive been working on that allows you to perform Homer Liwag's CoinOne with cards. Just shows that with a little thinking all magic can be intertwined and certain effects can be done in various different ways.

    Check it out here:

  2. Very clever!
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  3. Looks good and well performed though Brian Tudor has a routine on Generation Extream that is almost step-by-step the exact same thing, so unfortunately it isn't new.
  4. very clever of you to combine Guy Hollingwood and D+M's move together.

  5. It was nice, but you could have presented it better.

  6. There were a few moves that looked really fishy and unnatural, like the way you squared the cards up and carefully spread them to show four. Work on making that as relaxed and natural as possible and you might start to have a workable routine.
  7. Get rid of the deck for the last vanish. Too fishy. If you did that, you would have a decent ending to your effect. As said before brian tudor has a n effect almost the same called "The four queens". Check it out, it might give you some new ideas. Personally I think Open travellers would be better suited than this routine, simply because it seems more magicial. Spread your hands out a bit further. And I would get rid of the card throwing bit. It gives the spectators an explanation that they can and will believe. No matter how impractical. Just some thoughts man! Peace.

    Boss glass.
  8. nice! i do a three fly parlour routine with cards...

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