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  1. I'm a Filipino Magician and i was wondering,are there any Filipino Magicians here? :)
  2. filipino

    hey bro!! i'm a filipino but i'm not yet a pro magician!
  3. Welcome to the forums, both of you :D
  4. Mabuhay!.. a pinoy brother here from Manila.. where you guys from?
  5. Hey. im a filipino magician/flourisher. is there any filipino magicians here in New Zealand?
  6. Im Filo, well half. Homer Liwag is a Filipino.

  7. hi same here im from bulacan...
    i've been done a a few table hopping gigs but i still dont consider my self as a pro...
    welcome to the forums....

  8. I'm half filipino!!!:)
  9. I could not be less filipino. I'm actually 100% aussie, if that's possible.
  10. So your an Indigenous Australian?

  11. I'm a Filipino too! from paranaque! haha. i knew homer liwag was a filipino. can see it with his looks. haha.
  12. Hey there! I am a pinoy too! hahhaa

    You can see me walking in malls (mega or trino) doing some flourishes
    with brown wynns. if it's not brown wynns, it's not me. lol

    Welcome to the forums!
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    is there any magic clubs here in the philippines?

    i do magic in malls too. mostly in glorietta and greenbelt. btw, how do you approach people prior to your performance? i mean, what do you tell them, how do you approach them? i find it hard to approach people since i'm naturally shy. so i take too much time building my confidence or warming up before i can actually approach some people for magic.
  14. Haha, no...
    I'm as Australian as the convicts who first settled here
  15. So your of POM descent. Not 100% Australian. ;)

  16. I'm half Filipino, but I don't speak any tagalog or anything like that... I guess I'm only Filipino by blood in that respect? :(

    - Sean
  17. I love how every forums has a Filipino thread for all Filipino members to gather at...

    With that said, I'm Filipino as well.
  18. yo

    where you from bro? im looking for cardists and illusionist so that we can like team up here in the phil. ^_^
  19. hey

    im from tarlac, but i stay in baguio because of school. how bout you bro?
  20. i just ask them if i can borrow a little of their time just to show them something. some are willing and some are not.

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