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  1. i do magic tricks in tarlac and baguio bro
  2. I'm filipino and stay in Miami, FL. Another pinoy is my best friend, qbanlinx on here.
  3. thanks bro. are there any magic clubs here in the phil?
  4. Filipino here as well. Look up Rannie Raymundo in PI if any of you really want to see magic in Philippines. I was there a few years ago and I remember wow'ing some locals at Dampa (a fish market by the airport in Manila) and in Tagaytay.
  5. You should send Rannie Raymundo a PM over at the cafe. I know that he has some sessions at The Tavern...where ever that is.
  6. that would be a cool idea! so how would we start? haha
  7. yo

    that's my problem bro coz most of the magicians are from manila and i am currently here in baguio for my studies but i am originally from tarlac
  8. wow that's too far. is tarlac far from manila too?
  9. hi i'm also a filipino too. I only do a card tricks only but not a pro. forming is a great idea so we can a brainstorming for some tricks we can perform and how we can perfrom this in a better way.

  10. Born in Las Piñas, Raised in Manila.

    Live in the UK now though. Fluent in Both Tagalog and English. (and can speak Basic spanish. ooh err.)
  11. Hi guys! I think I can help you guys out.. We do have gatherings every friday for magicians & flourishers alike & we are all filipino group (even though the virts, jaspas, ling, wayne houchin, daniel madison & lee asher have quite known us for a while). We are proud that pinoys have been a part of the magic community globally & also proud that you guys are here. We would love to meet you soon & see you at the gatherings. Just so you know we will be having a gathering later at trinoma coffee bean so for those who would like to jam with us, please do come. Especially for the guy who's flourishing brown wynns only. hehehe..

    As for qbanlinx & pointblank8mm, hope we see you guys soon & we're happy to have you in our community. Long live the pinoy flourishers! hahaha..
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    is cercatrova for flourishers only? and oh.. where do you guys gather? i might drop by if i have time.
  13. Its a group of magicians & flourishers, every 1st friday we're at coffee bean trinoma, 2nd friday in seattle's best megamall, 3rd friday is on Greenbelt park, 4th friday is at Mall of Asia Starbucks Cyberzone. Hope we see you there man. Thanks for the interest.;)
  14. cool.. thanks. anyway, i sent you a message. i think my question's too far from this thread's topic so yeah.. i sent it to you.
  15. Hey there! wynn dude here! hahaha

    Too bad I only go to those places on weekends. I am still trap at home, but I'll take note of the dates. thx!
  16. hey

    about a two hour drive
  17. hi guys im one of the moderator of CERCA TROVA PHILIPPINES im inviting you to join our club... regards to Jenil...

    The focal point of Cardistry in the Philippines
  18. hahhahaha fil here from Quezon city :D
  19. Another Pino here but from Canada!!! :D:D:D
    I focus most of my attention to mentalism for the last 14 years. Not much of a card worker.

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