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  1. pardon me for my terrible from philippines and my grammar aint good....ok here's my prob.

    aight...i am at the point where i'm still learning lots of flourishes and shuffles and yeah i've been doing some finger exercise...i noticed one thing pinky finger and the ring finger are kinda like attached to each other....i cant bend my middle finger and pinky finger with the ring finger not bending....besides that i have trouble bending the pinky finger independently....can i have some advice so that my pinky ring and middle finger can act independently? tnx lots
  2. the only advice I can give is just work those fingers a lot, and work on dexterity. Maybe play with some coins a little bit, and continue the finger exercises.
  3. Its your anatomy.
    I think its impossible to seperate them 100% unless you have especially flexible fingers or have an operation or something.
  4. ive been watching the greg irwin videos....and he says it's possible to move those with practice...the thing is...i dont have any routines to practice both those fingers....ok now i've been forcing my pinky finger to bend on its own..but it takes a great the when the pinky is in bending position when i try to bend the middle finger the ring finger goes along with the middle finger....ok...err...i know im just new to this site and im askin lots...but i hope there are finger routine you can share to me...
    tnx :D:D:D:D
  5. practice pinky-related cuts such as Akira. Or just keep doing Tornado's. Otherwise, its just practice.
  6. develop individual pinky strength... which is different than dexterity.

    Walk around straddle-gripping the short end of a deck between your middle finger and pinky (ring finger is on the short end; pinky and middle on the long ends). Then every once in a while, switch it with another kind of straddle grip (4 fingers - short end; 3 fingers - long end, 4 fingers - long end)

    When in any one position, squeeze the deck with your pinky and whatever finger is on the other side , maybe sets of 10 with a 2 to 3 second hold. You'll be training strength and flexibility of the pinky independant of the ring finger.

    Hope this helps
  7. Coin rolling is the best exercise I've found for this, especially doing more than one coin on each hand. When I started practicing coin rolling I almost exclusively used my left hand and now the little and ring fingers are almost totally individualised on that hand. I've got a bit of a way to go to catch up with my right hand but it's getting there.

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