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  1. Challenge:
    Create an original routine (or just a trick) that focuses around the fingertips. It can be your own fingertips, or it can be your spectators fingertips, or both. It can be a card trick, coin trick, whatever.

    Well, have at it.
  2. If you can wait two weeks for a video I can try to create something. It may be shorter than that, but I'll be on vacation and I don't know how easy internet access is going to be.

    Side note: Creativity isn't my strong suit, but hey, what is there to loose by trying?
  3. Take your time. There is no deadline at this point.
  4. There are several possibilities for what could be causing this such as something like carpal tunnel syndrome (an example only). However, the only way to know for sure is to see your doctor for further evaluation of the situation
  5. I know this is an ancient thread but I thought I'd chime in. . .

    As a Mentalist I'm aware of a very old effect in which you assign each finger with an emotion or some other label such as the name of a playing card. You and the participant hold hands palm to palm with fingertips touching. You ask them to think of whichever emotion and you instantly know it.


    Ideomotor Response. . . this is a Muscle Reading exercise that you will find in several publications that address this technique. Understand, I've left out some detail deliberately. You can easily figure them out if you play with the method and the routine and in time you'll see a number of ways to use this very simple "test".
  6. first i have to gather the proper information regarding how to get a good start into it .. then i will proceed further .. is there any worthy source to to get with the useful facts of the trick suggested to try with
  7. Guys this is from 2011 I know how you feel though I reply to things like this too

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