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  1. Imagine if you were walking down the street with a deck of cards in your pocket and someone walks up to you and says "Hey, can you show me a trick?". What would be the first trick you think of? Now you haven't shown this guy any tricks before so you can do anyone you want.

    For me, it would be sloppy shuffle triumph.
  2. Probably 2CM or Card to Pocket.
  3. Probably an ACR or a simple color change type of effect.

  4. Long Distance Spinner. :)
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    id make myself disappear because a complete stranger somehow knew me and knew i did magic which implies that my gay stalker has finally found me and wants to abduct me.

    but on another note, i would do a short coin routine with a borrowed coin and finish wish a transpo from the coin they gave me into a deck of cards, then launch into a routine using those cards. bam i already made money, most likely 25 cents, sometimes less, still coming out ahead ;)
  6. i would do my ACR.
    Not too strong, not too weak.
    really easy, looks amazing
  7. Sloppy Triumph :)
  8. Muscle pass then a short flurry sequence, hands down.
  9. A simple pick a card, with a fancy revelation.
  10. I would probably do biddle trick, hits hard, but not too hard, and its easy to do in any setting.
  11. either


  12. If I was approached by a complete stranger who knew I do magic I would first ask "Howd you know I was a magician?" If he answers "I know alot about you," i'll do a vanishing act. If he says He heard from someone else I would guage what they have heard about me.
    they heard that I can heal a soda can. I say "really" and then perform something even more over the top for only that person. word of mouth spreads and the trick becomes a legend. At least at my school.
  13. Start with a custom transpo, then go into Lapse with those same cards. That's how I start a number of routines for people I'm familiar with. If I'll never see them again, I'd use that, and then go into a stand-up Triumph, and then work in the invisible deck for my finale. If I know them, I may just stick with the transpo.

  14. hand to mouth
    just joking
    time machine
  15. stop copying me!!! You must be the stalker
  16. Last Man Standing

    Or Sandwich Routine.
  17. Lately it's been Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mamma (although I do it with a red deck and a blue card so I call it Stone Cold B!tch).
  18. I would do a simple pick a card and then a fancy revelation. Current favourite: Control to the bottom of the deck and flick it off. I stole randomwrath's patter about a really really fast rising card. They think it comes straight out of the middle. If I had read this a few months ago it would be this 'n' that.
  19. I literally always use Lapse, but nearly always as second trick. First, probably my favourite ACR or a pick a card with a suprising/fancy ending. So maybe the card they are holding changes to theirs, or an ego or something. Simple card to back pocket works well.

    Or a burn trick... Flow if I was ready, although I only learnt that yesterday and have yet to try it.

  20. I would honestly try to steer clear of using cards for the first effect and try to do something more organic.

    Earlier in my involvement with the craft, I would always perform card magic for people. It always felt like the most natural thing to do and it seemed to have universal appeal. After a while, I would always inevitably get the question, "So, do you do anything else besides cards?" After a while, I finally started to understand that I was offering people an unbalanced experience. I feel that if all you perform is card magic, people subconsciously feel you're not really a magician, but someone who just knows how to do really good card tricks. You're just a glorified Uncle Bob who knows how to handle a deck of cards. That's it. You become an actual magician once you diversify your repertoire and can perform miracles with anything. After reading books like Strong Magic and Absolute Magic, I saw that my assumptions had credible backing.

    So with that, the first thing I would probably perform would be a leaf animation using a loop, followed by Leaf by Paul Harris. Or a simple Coin Assembly (Chink-a-Chink) with nearby pebbles on the sidewalk. I think doing something like that would feel a lot more impromptu and custom-made for the spontaneous encounter. Using a deck of cards for an opening effect just always felt mass-produced and cookie-cutter to me. The opening effect should have some relevance to the spectator or your current location to make it more inherently interesting.

    Just some food for thought.


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