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  1. How long should it take me to perfrom a flourish at speed? Approximately how many hours of practice?

    Also, what is the best way to practice a flourish?
  2. I would say practice until you have the confidence to perform it infront of people, just like magic, card manipulation takes practice and no one wants to see a crappy performance.

    The best way to practice...? After you get what you have to do, I start slow and finish the entire cut or whatever at that speed after I can get a certain speed, speed it up, until you're at the point of where you think its good enough for performance. Remember though if your performing anything for the first time, your hands my get clammy and it is a lot harder to control under pressure.

    good luck
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    Sorry if I was unclear. I haven't actually "performed" and flourishes. I suppose I meant to say "execute."
  4. I think it would actually depend on the person, some people have a natural feel for flourishes and cuts. For me I think I would give it a half an hour to an hour before I move on to the next move and come back to that one later. For an example when I learned Sybil it took me a good week until I got it at a speed I wanted it at.
  5. But in terms of a practice session...

    What I usually do is look at the tutorial several times and then start doing the first few moves with the tutorial until I can do them slowly without looking at the tutorial, from memory. Then I move onto the next set of moves for the flourish.

    Is there a better way?
  6. wow, only a week for sybil. i do sybil for 2 months now and i'm still so slow...
    anyway, the only way to practice is just to try over and over and repeat that step. at the moment, i'm practicing roughly about 10 hours a day, but i still suck. i started only about 4 months ago with flourishing/magic, and so far i am very confident, because i think i have achieved quite alot in a short period of time, but magic and flourishing are arts, and just with most arts it takes years, decades or even your whole lifetime to perfect what you're doing. the most important thing is to keep going and have fun with it.
    one more thing i have to say is the following: the longer you handle cards, do magic and flourishes, the easier it gets to learn new techniques, because you have a certain feeling for a deck and that's something you can't lose even if you don't touch playing cards for a month or a year. it takes alot of practice to reach that point though.

    so now a quick answer to your questions:
    best way to practice: start slow until you get comfortable & secure with the movements, then often the speed comes naturally.
    how many hours of practice: that's a question that can't be answered. it depends on alot of factors, some of them being: how long have you been flourishing, what kind of moves do you like, how similar are moves you already can do to the new ones, how hard is the flourish, ......

    just as an example, i think i can't do pandora at the moment, because i can't do a tornado cut. of course if i learned pandora, i could also do the tornado, but i prefer learning the basics first (i just don't want to learn brian tudors bad habit, because i hate the cut)
  7. This Need so be moved to the flourish/cardisry section,

    But it all depend on your style, some people think 'good' is fast.

    Some Belive Technique over speed.
  8. Fluency is the more important factor, maintaining the same pace throughout is what counts :).
  9. Right, so how does one build up fluidity?
  10. What I do, is start slow, and build up over a period of time until I get it fast enough so it looks effortless, but not so fast a spectator can admire each move.

    Fluidity is important in a lot of things, take the invisible palm for instance, without the constant rhythm it just wouldn't be the same.
  11. Practise, It the most obvious answer.

    Your on these forums posting when you could be practising. :)
  12. hours

    well if u look at dan and dave buck they are truly amazing at flourishing and back in high school they practice for 8 - 10 hours each day so if you want to be as good as them then yeah 8-10 hours
  13. hard to say an exact ammount, for me it can take weeks to get it speedy, I can learn the flourish in about an hour, but getting it down and perfect like lets say DnD for example can take alot of time...
  14. It depends how determined you are to doing the flourish, if you are really determind it should take you a day or two. But there are some really hard flourishes that even if you are very determined it would take some time to get the hang of it.

    -The Illusionist

  15. Exactly, I don't think theres a set time that you should practice it. Since we are all different, some may accelerate faster than others. What you want to do is practice the flourish until you're satisfied, not always is faster better. Take for example a simple flourish: a split fan, yes you can do it fast and it looks cool but if you do it slow it looks as if the fans forming out of no where which i think looks better
  16. Although I would also recommend doing all of your schoolwork. ;)

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    Practice as much as how you would do with magic tricks.
    not do be off topic(i don't wanna make or flood the forums)

    anyone know any good recommendations of Dvd or books for Cardistry?

    so far i have

    xtreme beginner(currently working on)
    Trilogy (kinda advice for me)
    the system(looks kinda hard for me)
    Weapons of a card shark (i don't know why i bought that vid)
    and the book of flourishing (I'm not sure what edition)
  18. Don't touch anything else except Xtreme Beginners until you mastered everything on it! It's really not that much but just master Xtreme Beginners.

    Then go on to

    The 3rd DISK on "The Trilogy" master everything

    then you can go on to switching off to

    Disk 1 and 2 on the trilogy, depending on if you want to do flourishing card magic or just plain flourishes. master everything

    Then go on to The System because you will probably have the basics on flourishing.

    When I say master everything...master everything, try to make sure you can do the move with ease. (It's funny because I spent a lot of time on the TG deck flip because I was flipping the deck the wrong way! lol it's supposed to flip to the left!)
  19. Flourishes goes way back, if u like Palming type of flourishes u should check out Jeff Mcbride's stuff, his backpalm fan routine is still one of the coolest to look at imo
  20. Learn and become good at what you like in Xtreme Beginnerz.

    Then learn and become good at what you like in the Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes.

    Then learn and become good at what you like in The System.

    Then learn and become good at what you like in The Trilogy.

    That is my recommendation for you if you want to learn flourishes.


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