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  1. Well said Vince

    Advice I myself took and am currently plodding through. I am still working on XB, having fun with it, and I have also peeked at a couple of the moves in The System. Most are too advanced for me at this point, but, The WERM is something that I got down pretty quickly, and it's easy to do. If you start to practice something and it just seems like it is too damn hard, it is probably too advanced, so set it aside for a bit and work on the easier stuff until it's second nature...
  2. Thanks, Mike.

    I should actually add to my post:

    During the entire time you are learning, from all of these products, and even before you learn from them and after you learn from them, always be creating. Always be creative. Do things in your style. And always make sure to BE CREATIVE. :D

  3. This is something I was thinking about to answer a question I was wondering about longevity in flourishing. It seems like, going through old posts on DeckNique, that there were tons of members that joined up briefly, were very excited, and then sort of dropped off the forums entirely.

    I think if you start flourishing by seeing a really awesome move, for example J5, and then you just decide to learn this "power move" and you do, then that might define your style for you, and it might be harder to break out of that and develop your own original material.

    if you start out with something original, you will never really "master" that move because you can always make it better, or add on variations! so i think that will make you last longer in cardistry.

    and Mike, try the WERM fakie (starting in right hand instead of left) it'll spark some funny brain activity and stave off alzheimers! hehe
  4. the sybill cut is not that hard. i learned it in about 4 days. now i can perform it pretty fast with lots of variations. (mecka, bad habit. 5 faces. skater ect.). ust keep doin git until you are good enough to do it to people
  5. It really depends on the move, and your experience. For example learning the Sybil cut only took me a few hours to learn (not really fast of course) because I already knew the Impossible Stack from Xtreme Beginners which took me around a week to get down. That's probably the longest its ever taken me to get a move down (Doing it from start to finish without dropping cards), as you get used to holding cards weird ways it becomes more like putting blocks together than learning a whole move every time. I've picked up all the system cuts so far in a day or two, except Madonna, why do I have to be so bad at Bad Habit...

    Anyway, other good advice is to sleep on a move, some things just come as your hands get better adjusted to manipulation cards. One handed fans, couldn't do for the life of me. Picked up the cards one day, bam, one handed fan. The same happened with the LePaul Spread and just today with the One Handed Shuffle (The damn things would never weave no matter what I tried) so sometimes leaving a move thats impossible then coming back a week or two later after doing some other things you might find things easier.

    As others have said, it's not a competition, it takes time to get as good as all the people you see around. It's kind of off putting seeing their awesome skills and you think "wow, I can't even sybil properly" but they were exactly the same when they started out I'm sure, a lot of hard work and dedication got them where they are, you'll need it too.

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