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  1. For those magicians who are still going to school and are really into magic. Do you guys care much about school or do you just kinda not do homework and just focus on practicing and reading magic books and going on theory11 to chill. Right now, I don't care so much about school hhaa
  2. As much as I love magic, School is beyond important. I'm 18 and a Freshmen in college, but Magic is my job. School, is my first priority always.

  3. Dude, school is hella more important than you think.
    Do you expect to leave school and go pro in your feild/s or magic/flourishing?
    Probably not, not saying you won't ever go pro but i am saying take advantage of an oppurtunity to learn even if it is hard sometimes.

    knowledge is power.

    Hope this helped!

  4. I'm in the middle of eighth grade, so as long as I pass, my grades don't really matter...but school still comes first, then magic and friends
  5. I'm a senior, and I've been doing the same amount of homework last minute since I was a freshman. It's just that magic fills the free time where I used to do nothing. =] I definitely do think school and getting an education is important, unless you're 210% sure what you want to pursue in life doesn't require a high school diploma. And even then you should still graduate because why close a door if you don't have to?
  6. That's exactly my view right there exact I'm a freshman in high school. Plus it's easier to get any job the better the grades you have.
  7. I don't know how many times I have to reiterate this...

    SCHOOL IS MORE IMPORTANT! Due to magic, I barely passed high school. I walked out with a 69 and I had trouble getting into College. This was because my focus was mainly on magic. Luckily in my final year of high school I stepped up and put aside the magic for a little while and became more focused at school.

    I was lucky I passed.

    There is a right time for magic, and when you should be studying isn't that time. Seriously, do you want to flunk out of school because you were busy practicing a new cut or control?

    School first, then magic.

  8. I'm a senior in high school, and I think school is more important than magic. If you do better in school, it gives you more opportunities on what you want to do in life. Yeah magic is fun and all and a possible career, but I like having other options.

    P.S. - I just remembered, I have math hw I gotta do. - thanks.
  9. school ALWAYS needs to be number 1
    its extremely hard to make a living as a magician (unless you hit it big time....the chances of that arent that HUGE)
    what i mean is that doing good in school will always provide a better chance of a better future (if that made sense then great)
  10. School is more than important to me. But it hasn't always been. Let me tell you a little story:

    Last year was my first year of High School, and I was excited to finally be running with the big dogs. The summer before, I had gained a hhuge love for magic, and it's all I wanted to do. Learn, practice, perform. 24/7, non-stop. I never did my homework, and I was always practicing in class so I didn't do my school work either. And I payed for it. I failed the second sememster of my Freshman year because all I wanted to do was magic. So now I have to repeat a semester of Freshman classes before I can be a Sophmore. This was such a wake up call. I bawled my eyes out. Failure is my biggest fear, and to fail at something this

    Now I know a few of you are probably saying "That's not a big deal, I failed a whole year before." Yeah, but I haven't. My goal has always been to do the best I can do. I had straight A's in every class in every year up until last year. Now I bust my ass to make sure I have a C.

    School? More important than you know.

    Anthony Bass
  11. in my opinion, school isn't all that important. I will always keep my grade a C i won't fail. But i think school is 75% USELESS. School won't get me successful and wealthy and happy.
  12. is probably the ONLY thing that will get ANYONE successful, wealthy, and happy. You need to sort out your priorities my friend. Even magicians need school to succeed bro.

    Anthony Bass
  13. If I get bad grades there will be no magic for me. School is the most important.
  14. So, can I ask you what will make you successful+wealthy+happy then? :confused:

    Don't tell me it's magic...
  15. Education comes first always.

  16. Go to school and do your homework.

    I'm 21 and I have to go to High School(the school you go to while you are 16-18, its called differently in Norway)

    Why? Because I was LAZY and I only did what I wanted in my spare time. Played computer games to 4am in the morning and had a lot of days away from school. Slacked during classes etc.

    I am slapping myself everyday for not finishing school when one is supposed to.

    Indeed a lot of the things you learn in school are a lot of BS, but it's needed to pass all that stuff to get further education.

    I heard the education in the US is crap though, don't know if that's true or not.
  17. well i pretty much didnt do alot of home work but since i saw my grade in french was a 37 i had a big aha moment and realised, if i dont pass this class, i will be grounded from my magic stuff so im doing everything i can to bring that up, but now i realise that school comes 2nd in my life....GOD is 1st
  18. I love magic i do, But school is way more important. Not only that you just don't want a reputation as an awesome magician, you also want a reputation as a good or great student. It has gotten a lot a people very far to have good grades.
  19. I heard getting a good job outside the US is crap.
    I don't know if that's true or not.

    In New York, school is pretty hard because we have many regents exams. We are the only state in the US that has an English regents.
    Regents - a long test filled with essays and 50 or more multiple choice questions.
    Lets not forget the SAT to get into college.
  20. yeah i can answer that. I read mental toughness books, that help a lot. And the people that i know who make 1 million a year, 4 million a year, they went to school, but they didn't even need to use their degrees for anything. They know how to talk to people and people skills, i believe is what will make me happy wealthy and successful. the people who went to school that I know, they make like 40-70 thousand a year. It's just my belief that school isn't gonna get me successful, but in some cases you need school, for me, I don't but i do know i must past high school and get a bachelor's degree. But bussiness and magic, i don't need school.

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