For Those in School

Jan 6, 2008
First, he clearly has no desire to learn.

I disagree. I believe he's learning that for every reason people give him to stay in school, he has a corresponding excuse that negates it.

Which is probably exactly what he wanted to learn: how to argue about this. It's practice.

What to learn how school can affect your life, talk to people who have already gone through school (or didn't) and actually KNOW what it did for them.

There are four things I can put directly into that discussion.

1. I hated school. I got out of it as quickly as possible. I have regretted this decision ever since.

2. I got out of school by slamming through my classes, graduating at 16, going to the cheapest and closest college I could find, and ripping out a worthless two-year degree in a garbage field. That was stupid on every count, but it was not even REMOTELY as stupid as coasting through high school with a crap GPA and simply not going to college.

3. I have not been massively damaged by the stupidity of my choices. I regret them, and I wish I had made different ones, but in the end I have not really suffered professionally - because I make my living doing something I love to do. It is, however, important to recognise that it is not what I wanted to do - I wanted to be a chef; I wasn't good enough. I wanted to be a stand-up comic or a magician; I wasn't good enough. I wanted to be a musician; I wasn't good enough. Instead, I ended up a successful software developer.

4. The ONLY REASON that I have not suffered overly as a result of my educational choices is that I have always, always, ALWAYS educated myself and made backup plans. And amazingly, what I ended up doing - and doing well - was what my parents told me I should be doing. It took me ten years to figure it out for myself, and if I'd just shut up and listened, I'd have gotten to this stage in my career a lot sooner.

So what would have made my life better wasn't school. It was shutting my dumb little teenage mouth and listening to what other people said.

Take that as you will.
I must say, that everyone here has made some great points, I've read a few but, not all due to the fact it is a long topic.

In the short, you may not appreciate it but, school is the most important thing that you can do. Now, your going to say how would I know this due to the fact I'm only in grade 9 and I'm 14 years old.

I perform magic and play hockey on a regular basis. I am also on the highest roll I can possibly in my school which is the Principal's Honour Roll, that's either straight A's or a 90% average as well as the Super G roll, which is receiving the highest possible rating for work-habits. I put the utmost effort into my school work, I may not like it but, I truly see the point why it's important. You may NEVER need to know what year Columbus sailed the Atlantic Ocean but, the work-effort to figure that question out is something you can use.

More and more jobs out there are looking for students who perform above average academic standards. I've talked to numerous people who work with my dad who own, and run numerous restaraunt in the lowermainland and all over Canada. And, by listening to them I know I'm doing the best I can to secure a good future for myself.

Now, if you aren't the smartest of students, and maybe don't understand things other people do, work effort and putting in that extra effort can really let you shine. If you work, and work, and work, constantly to try to do the best you can and only manage a B, it still shows that you do the best you can.

My only suggestion to you Tally is don't give-up on school, at least try. I know the pain you feel, I at times despise my teachers, homework, and school in general. But, just giving up won't do you any good. If you want to further your career in magic that is perfectly fine but, you can even take classes in school to learn body language and other signs, in which you can use in performances. Ever seen the show called Criminal Minds?

If you read through this, thank you, and try not to flame me or others for stating their opinion.

Sep 3, 2007
If you dropped out of school then you have no safty net if you quit magic, or have trouble getting gigs that pay you enough to put food on the table for your kids. In my oppinion school would go better on your résumé and get you more gigs then a person with less education. Also, if you want to create your own tricks then you could need to know some of the stuff they teach in school, I can't name any off the top of my head but I know a lot of tricks use physics and science to create. I hope you make good choices, but good luck, whatever you do.
Sep 3, 2007
I'm pretty sure he's not listening to us considering he said he was done posting, I guess if he's done then we'll never know
Oct 20, 2007
o.k. here we go round 2. as i said earlier, school is ********. (uh,see that? see that? I'm censoring what i write oh, and my respects to jack the magician). but the truth for meximerica is that we're so ******* lazy. were all about INSTANT GRATAFACTION for those who don't understand say it with me, ready? INSTANT GRATAFACTION uh, there you go! basically what this means is that with the inter net and things like that we get things so fast that we feel entitled to everything. for example: my friend ted is just getting out of college, and he tells me that he thinks he is worth and should be paid $60,000 - $70,000 dollars a year with no real job experience to speak of. even if ted did well in college or even his entire school career that DOES NOT mean he gets as much money as he wants. i also have a friend named mike who wants to be the next criss angel, that's o.k. you can absolutely pursue that.(that means you, tally). BUT, you still need an education so that if your master plan falls through (and don't deny it because you know there's a chance) you are not asking "would you like ketchup with that?" for the rest of your life. so stay in school.
Oct 6, 2007
Whoa everybody makes it sound like the guy is avoiding school because he hates learning, or somthing close to about how he is ignorant. Most kids are only like this because school is boring and do not have there general interest in mind. Also only 10% of what you learn in school is needed in the real world.
I'm not saying anyone should neglect school since is the easiest way to be accpeted into jobs and higher education means higher salary. Though no one seems to want to see it from his perspective that the subjects are boring and useless in everyday life.
I take no sides in this debate but people are seeing this one sided.
Oct 12, 2007
Orlando Fl
In the US schools are not as strong but Colleges and Universities are, I heard somewhere that 8 out of the 10 best universities in the world are American. I'm guessing that the other 2 are Oxeford and Cambridge in England but that's just my guess.

Go to school and do magic in your free time, because even working in E or T11 isn't as productive as a job you'll get if you finish school
Oct 6, 2007

I really can't possibly believe 'Tally' and 'Delta' and anyone else out there think that way.

1. School

10. Magic

I'm not even going to bother explaining why school is up there on the list, and magic is down there...

If you really think that you can pull off what the very few people in the world have pulled..i.e. be successful in life without education in school then you go do it.
If I see you in future as successful as people lie in Theory11, props to you.
If I dont...which is highly likely..then all I have to say is: You should have listened.

I cant honestly beleive that people like you can think you can be successful by simply reading books on magic...and whatever else.

BUT, Good Luck to you man.
Sep 2, 2007
My priorities, School, friends and family, then magic.

People shouldn't put magic before family. If your mom was hanging over a building and asked if you could help her up you would say "Hold on, gotta finish this madonna 3" rofl I'm so weird.

But ya i'm pretty suree dan and dave put school above so you should too
Oct 9, 2007
Dude, School is more important! If your good at organizing your time. Magic and School shouldn't really be a problem. But if u see that lack of work in school, just concentrate on study and you'll do fine.


Oct 21, 2007
I'm a little late to the party on this thread, but I have to comment, if only to reiterate what has already been said. I agree with the "Blind leading the blind comment above." I'm really glad that you juniors and seniors in high school understand the importance of school now, and please keep that in thought with you as you go to college.

Brad, you've got the right idea. I've got a bachelors in Communication Studies and American Studies and I'm planning on going back for a masters. And you have no idea how important education is. You can't fathom it until you look back on it all.

To those of you who are currently taking your education seriously, please continue to do so.

Lighten up. It's the internet. Communication is a little different here. ;)

In my opinion statements like this are why America is going to ++++. Text messaging... because text is in fact a noun and not a verb, and IM speech, are ruining our language.

Sorry CDarklock, but in fact communication is not at all different here, or rather it shouldn't be. Communication can be different in various settings but there is absolutely no need to butcher the English language. You think employers don't google you, check your myspace and facebook accounts? Think again, welcome to the future.

Every time someone types 'sumtin lik dis...yo you git it' I want to punch my monitor. You are not cool, you're just ++++ing lazy. Good luck getting a job, or into college without any knowledge of the English language.

I'll get off my soapbox now. Sorry to rehash a dead thread but I've been busy and unable to read the boards.
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School is the best thing for all the young teenagers right now.

If they want to get somewhere, they have to do well in school.

I'm a straight A student, and my class rank is only 3. I'm aiming for 1 next semester!

As much as I love magic, I do all my homework first, then practice. If you have loads of it, don't rush just so you can practice.

I put school the second most important thing in my life right now, next to family.
Jan 6, 2008
I'm currently a freshman in high school but I've been doing magic since about the fifth grade. One thing I've learned is that the key to "success" is balance.

It may seem that school gets "in the way" of magic, the truth is (even though almost everyone in this topic has said the same thing) school is more important. I have often gotten extremely aggravated when homework and such got in the way of my practicing and even for a while I slipped into a rut of procrastination where magic was my entire night then I'd get up early to try to complete homework. Sadly, as could be expected, it didn't work and I came clcose to failing to the class.

It is true that advancing in magic is, at times, very difficult with school but it isn't impossible. :D

Dec 2, 2007

I really can't possibly believe 'Tally' and 'Delta' and anyone else out there think that way.

Really, can't beleive it? Not even a little? People have different priorities. I personally am having a hard time believing that you wouldn't know this. Now I've accepted that very few people agree with me when i say school isn't the most important part of my life. But seriously, some respect would be nice. I'm not saying that I won't go to school or do this or that. All I'm saying is that in my life, school is not the top priority. This doesn't mean I'll drop out, but if it comes down to it i=I may, rather than sacrificing other things which i find more important.
Sep 4, 2007
I only have a few words to say, because my point here is rather simple.

The world is competitive. Knowledge and experience of the world is worth more than anything anyone could ever imagine. What little of that we can scrounge together is exceedingly important. None of that and you're f*****. I won't say an education guarantees success, because it doesn't. But it grants you a better chance at having a good life.
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