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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tally, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. SCHOOL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There is no possible way for me to get through the day unless I think once about Magic. and beleive me it happens every day and i'm in grade 9!
  2. coin aholic, magic consumed my life in grade nine and has been off and on for the past 3 years. now im a senior and it has begun again. i have a show coming up and i just need to get through this week so i can prepare for it. ahhh!!! finals!

  3. :O

    I am going to have a word with you young man, next time we meet in the shop.

    Mother is going to be very disappointed when she sees this :p.
  4. The one thing that I hate about school is that one teacher that hates you. And she grades your test unfairly, and then I have to work my a** off studying today so I can get 100 on the semester exam so I can get a good grade, and if I'm lucky she won't take off any points for no reason. And she stole my pen earlier in the year, and never gave it back!:mad:

    Other than that school can be fun, with a good sense of humor. In my Language Arts class it's more like a comedy show or something, especially when we read our stories in front of the class, a lot of fun.
  5. School definitely comes first for me. Magic is a hobby; education isn't.
  6. I make it a priority to finish homework first...

    While I study though, I practice new sleights with a coin... It's a good way, your head is thinking and your hands are moving :p

    (This sort of says I'm not the real Cyril >.>)
  7. Look at it this way:

    Which will have a bigger impact on my future? Practicing The Werm, or studying for your exams?
    In 20 years will you look back at your life and go "If only I had practiced my false cut instead of studying!", or do you think you'll look back and say "I'm so glad I studied instead of practicing magic!"

    There is a time and a place for magic, I'm not saying you should ignore it altogether, however, school is far more important that magic.

    Just a little something to think about.
  8. This is the way I look at it. This thread seems to have become pretty heated. Especially with all the four asterisk word posts ;) I know people here do not want to see out younger members mess up their life, however...

    People who think that school is not beneficial to them will not have their opinion swayed by people on a message board. Sometimes they need to learn the hard way.

    As it was said much earlier, along the lines of "And this is the future of America." A quote I happen to like regarding this is in MitchelStafeijs' signature (Hope ya don't mind me mentioning ya, bud :p):

    "And what have we become? A consuming machine in a useless regime. And what more did we expect? A generation raised by T.V. and taught to neglect."

    I think that sums it up pretty well.

    By posting in this thread (as ironic as it is that I made THIS post), all you are doing is fueling the fire.

    Before I end this post, you should look into those millionaires you speak of, Tally. They treated school with high importance. They just either dropped out or didn't go because:

    1. Opportunity knocked and they took it
    2. They were born into money
    3. They came about an very, very big inheritance

    Look at Bill Gates. He dropped out. Why? Opportunity. If you ask him about the importance of a good education, he will tell you hands down to get a good one.

  9. woah man....its summer right now in australia and im just about to start highschool.....thats exactly me......thanks for the tips.....that inspires me not to lose focus...thanks man...appreciate it
  10. No problem man. I'm not saying you have to stop practicing or performing, just set your priorities right. ;)

    Anthony Bass
  11. Dude, same with me, but I'm about to get a job doing magic at a restaurant, you should try it!
  12. No! I'm in eighth grade. School definitely is more important!
  13. I am in Junior High, and go to an advanced school. I can brag, but choose not to. I leave that to my parents :rolleyes:.

    Yes. School is important. If you want to make anything of yourself, some point in your life (hopefully before your 40s,) you want an education. So that text book you are spacing, is basically your life. You can always ignore it, but you shouldn't. If you dont have an education, you may end up being the person you dont want to be. The old creepy guy that follows you around scraping gum underneath the tables. You can always picture a big fancy house, nice car(s), and think it will come true. And you may get lucky, but those chances are a high as me eating my own foot for breakfast. Your main choice in life is school. Notice I said choice. You can choose not to go, but its against the law to not go as a child, and 2, that choice will haunt you forever. You may like magic, or love it. But you dont need magic. If you are too illiterate to get what I am saying, I will spell it out for you. S.C.H.O.O.L. F.I.R.S.T! Magic later. Good night! See you tommorrow (in 4 minutes :eek:)!

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