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  1. I know the second I post this I am gonna think of something but here goes anyway:rolleyes:.

    I have an effect in mind but it's quite short and I want to extend it and make it that bit more...
    confusing (not sure if that's the right word).

    To do this I have an idea where I could include an audience member having a choice of four possible options. And I need to force one, the only ideas I have is magicians choice (i think the proper name is equivocation), and some sort of switch. But I want some more extravagant, else the effect will kinda just look like a force just done a few different ways than a switch to reveal. Another idea is (not sure where its from) using four-different-coloured m&ms (multiple m&ms but just four colours) and - without going into detail - I use a fake thumb to collect what I pour in and they choose without looking.

    Just wondered what other options there are they I can't think about right now, I know I have Karl Fulves book on mental magic so I might skim through that if I find it.

    (Also I would prefer it to be free online resources - you can reply in thread or pm me)

    -I tried to think of a way to include an out but there is probably only one way and that will make the effect predominantly harder to perform.

    -I didn't highlight it but I don't want to use playing cards.

    TLDR: I need an effect where I can FORCE the spectate to pick an option out of four possibilities.
  2. If you are using billets or cards, there are many easy ways to force, using a switching box of some kind. If not, then equivoque or multiple outs is probably your best bet.
  3. What are you trying to force? One of four lemons? A color? An animal?

    What else is going on in the routine?

    There are so many ways of forcing things that the context is what decides the best method.
  4. This is more a stage performance:

    I want to force either A, B, C or D for an answer to a multiple choice question alike to my gcses (a school-test we take in Britain).

    The effect is that someone picks a subject, they then pick a page from a text book of that subject and circle a specific word, I then tear that page up and it place it back together and turns into a test question specifically on the word they chose (or I just change it without the t&r I havent decided yet).
    However, when practising it felt a bit short so I thought adding a tick in a box that they chose at the start will give it a bit more oomph.

    I could still use colours and say what one each colour relates to, or find a question I will force relating to colours.

    In terms of equivoque I do have a presentation I like but it works better with four coins as I can split them into coppers and silver, and they place those on the table and that seems a bit more natural if I do take them away than them just pointing to them then pointing to another and I keep that one.
    (The last paragraph makes little sense so you can just ignore it:D)
  5. Look at the Bigger Card effect (the bag), the Magazine Test (the method) and the Three Way Test (use of equivoque) in Mark Wilson's Complete Course.

    Doing a TnR with mentalism would tend to confuse the effect. Having the page turn into something else really confuses the effect.

    Here is what I suggest:

    1. Have the person read the question and then mark an answer with an X on an answer sheet held behind their back (Magazine Test)

    2. Have a second spectator select either a card or a folded index card from a bunch of A, B, C or Ds put into the bag (Bigger Card).

    3. The letter selected on the answer sheet, matches the letter selected randomly by the second spectator which matches an object held in a bag or box in sight on stage (e.g. a red dog, white rabbit, hamburger, etc.)
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  6. Number 4 envelope by Blake Vogt would allow you to have four outs to show that you knew what they were going to pick all along. You can make you own multi-out envelopes as well, I just can’t think of any off the top of my head right now.
  7. This may work with the original presentation (which I am going to try and change into @RealityOne's presentation), the audience don't see where the test paper comes from, so I don't need the envelope and I could just have them laid out infront of me under a table away from view.
    I am reading through Peter Turners Vol 1 Psychological playing card forces, so I may have to think of a way to do a big reveal on something I am trying to force - maybe I am wearing something with that letter on it, or the song playing repeats that letter and I do the psychological presentation ('I have been subconsciously controlling your thoughts with the song' etc.)

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