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  1. Hi everyone!

    It's been a while! Life happens and sometimes card tricks have to wait. However, today I managed to get some time to film something I recently started playing with again.

    And hey! You get to actually see my face for once!

    Just for those who are unfamiliar with this routine, the deck (and Aces) are not prepared in anyway. You could do this trick with a borrowed deck (provided it was in reasonable condition).

    Ed Marlo is your man if you're interested in this kind of thing.

    Comments, critiques and complaints about the pink t-shirt all welcome!

  2. Kudos, very nice
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  3. Thanks man.

    I've been working a lot on my performances recently and filmed a few videos to share with my non-magician friends on Facebook. That means trying to make the tricks less of a demonstration and more of a performance. I will say this one went down very well with the muggles!

  4. * The shuffles were very well done. The 20 years shows.
    * I liked that you used the left hand for the second card.
    * I felt confused by the line: "Did you hear that?" I need more explanation. What are you hearing?
    * I liked the sloppy deal to the Aces of Spades; there's little room for control.
    * Overall, I enjoyed watching you perform.

    Here's my rendition. I learned it from watching Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants.

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  5. Thanks man! Glad you liked it.

    Re the Faro Shuffle. You hear so many people say they have 'mastered the Faro' and what they mean by this is that they can do a perfect Faro even single time. However, most of these people also stare so intently at their hands that the illusion of mixing is totally lost. The Faro is a precise thing but shouldn't look it. Why stare so intently at your hands when what you're doing is supposed to be a random shuffle? This is why I look at my hands as little as possible during all the shuffles in this routine.

    The left-hand thing is a small touch but it really does make the second Ace feel like a progression of the first. In reality the first two Aces are cut to in exactly the same way but by using the left hand it makes it seem 'more difficult' in the eyes of the audience and therefore is a 'step-up' from the first Ace. A perfect example of how patter can enhance an effect!

    Re the third Ace: When I say 'Did you hear that' I'm not really trying to point out anything. In reality there is nothing to hear (obviously), but the spectators don't know that. The implication is that I am hearing something they aren't, and that's because of my 'years of practice'. I leave it up to their imagination is to what I actually heard.

    Again, really glad you enjoyed it!

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  6. Just watched your video. Liked the Ace cutting but LOVED the productions towards the end. You're palming is phenomenal and there were several moments where I could have sworn your hands were empty when there is just no way they could have been!.

    My favourite moment was the Hindu Shuffle. What a wonderful way to put some distance between the steal and the production. Fantastic stuff!

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  7. Thanks for elaborating on your effect, and for the enthusiastic praise of my palming.

    Good call on looking away from the deck during the faro shuffle. That's an aspiration of mine.
  8. You are rocking that shirt.
    I like it.
  9. Ha ha! Thanks dude.

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