Front Row Sankey Part I

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  1. Front Row Sankey

    The Official Spam-

    The DVD-

    The Layout-

    I loved the layout of this DVD. Basically, it showed Jay performing each effect to a table (there are a couple different tables he performs at), and then it show him in the studio explaining the effect. However, the "Bonus Effects" that I guess were added after all the performance footage was shot, are different. The performances and explanations of those effects are both in the studio.

    The Quality-

    As you probably know, this DVD is very unique, in the sense that the performances are filmed with a fish-eye lens. This really gives you the sense of being right there at the table. The quality is superb; it looks and sounds great. The studio is painted bright yellow, which can be a bit hard on the eyes at times, but it gives it sort of a "cheerful" feeling.

    The Menu-

    The main menu is just the way I like it. It has a picture of Jay Sankey in the bottom right corner, and a picture of what looks like fire in the top left corner. In the middle there are three options you can choose from; Play, Performance, and Explanation.


    If you hit the play button, this will play the DVD straight through the very beginning right up to the very end... with performances first, explanations second.


    Here, you can choose to skip to the performance of any effect you would like. After it is done, it will go into the explanation, and then continue with this pattern throughout the rest of the DVD.


    If you hit the Explanation button, you can choose to skip to the explanation of any effect. After the explanation is done, it will continue with the performance of the next effect, then the explanation, and so on and so forth.


    Fan Mail-

    This is a simply awesome transpo using a bill switch. Using two pieces of Tyveck paper, your spectator's signature and yours instantly switch places (one in your pocket, the other in your hand). This is a very visually stunning effect, and fairly simple to do. The Tyveck paper is not necessary to the effect, but supposedly makes it a lot easier, because it "handles like silk".

    Full Lotus-

    This is essentially using Jay Sankey's Paperclipped effect as a two card transpo. You start the effect by showing that you have a folded up Joker on the table, clamped down with a paperclip. You then riffle through the cards, and have the spectator call stop whenever they would like. They look at the card, and then take it one step further by signing the card. You then place the card face down on the table, and ask them to cover the card with both hands. You then wave the paper-clipped Joker that has been in full view the whole time over the selected card, and when they reveal the card under their hands, it is shown to be the Joker! Then, you take the paperclip off of the folded up card and reveal it to be their signed card. I absolutely love this effect, and have been practicing it a lot since I got this DVD. It's fairly simple to learn and pull off, and you learn some cool things along the way (i.e the Mercury Card Fold and the Full View Switch).

    Shake and Bake-

    This coin production is simple, yet very hard hitting. You ask the spectator if they have a quarter. When they hand it to you, you put it in your empty hand, give it a shake, and you can hear not one, but two coins rattling around in your fist. You open up your hand to reveal the two coins. Then, you give your hand another shake, and reveal you now have three coins! If you, like me, have ever wanted to learn the Tenkai Palm, this is for you. It's kind of a knacky move, but not hard at all when you get it down. All in all, I think this is a great opening effect, and as soon as I get it down I'll be using it.

    Slow Motion Coins-

    This is a "coins across" that's just plain awesome. You place three coins one by one in your closed fist, and have your spectator hold on to your wrist to make sure you're not doing anything sneaky. One by one the coins go into your pocket, and the best part is, you reveal your hands to be completely empty. I really like the premise of this effect, but I haven't even started practicing it yet.

    Not This Card-

    This is Jay's version of Chicago Opener by Chris Everhardt. You show the audience a card with "Do NOT choose this card" written on the back, and you place it into the deck. You turn the deck face up, and tell them to choose any card except the special card. Of course, they end up picking that card (let's say it's the Jack of Clubs), so you set it down on the table. You then tell them you'll give them one more chance to do what you ask, and tell them to find the matching card (the other colored Jack of Clubs). However, they pick a totally different card (let's say the Ace of Hearts). You look disappointed, but then recover when you tell them to tap the Ace of Hearts on the special card... and lo and behold it turns into an Ace of Hearts! This effect is pretty good, and very simple to learn. However, it just doesn't "do it" for me.

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