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  2. the method is obvious :eek:
  3. Its $30 if you read the page.:p Yeah it looks awesome. With something like this, I wouldn't even use patter. I would just let the magic speak for itself on this one. Of course, I can't say that is what I'm actually going to do because I don't have the DVD so I don't know how the gimmick works. Looking forward to this though.

    Also announced today was Justin Miller's M5 DVD coming out soon with E.

  4. its not $30, the free blue gaff its $30. But anyway looks ****ing awesome and "thread" just got a enemy. I´ve thinking getting thread and perform a great routine using it ( then stigmata and control, everything happens with the body) or getting frozen and combine it with control ( looks so mysterious and i have this love for ice and cold, when i think about cold a magical feeling comes to my head with a full moon and a forest, and i like it) xD
  5. thread kinda freaks me out. this looks amazing
  6. this does look amazing but i swear it is in the T11 media somewhere just with a different name.

    and thread vs frozen i would say thread because it is amazing! but i hear it kind of hurts so i don't know!
  7. for me: the gimmick shouldnt be too expensive and last a lot or bunch of performances, needs to be easy to carry with me , resistant and clever.

    BTW if you watch the trailer you can see how the black guys are wearing a whole bear because of the cold and the other guys are wearing t-shirts, i mean, arent they cold?
  8. yeah i found the video in the media section it is called when hell by allan rorrison and it looks exactly the same except for video quality

    ;) (click on the smilie)
  9. I'm willing to become blind in 1 eye to perform Thread.
  10. anyways, back on topic, this has been sold before. it was a different system. and it was 250$. He stopped selling it because a hose broke and he got frostbitten and has permanent mark on his body. BUT Ellusionist has changed this method around so it;s safe (To my knowlege)
  11. And where did this knowledge come from?

  12. Actually Alan has to say about this in a different thread -

    The original thread was discussing Frostbite which has had a name change. HERE
  13. at one point they were talking about how it was on their shelves for a couple years until they finally found a method that would work better.
  14. This definitely looks amazing! I can't wait for the release.
  15. I HOPE its not done the way I think its done, but I can not wait to pick this up, Someone here mentioned making a routine using THREAD, STIGMATA, CONTROL. that seems pretty powerful to me, does anyone think if you replaced thread with frozen it wou;d still be as strong or stronger?
  16. Apples and oranges.
  17. What is dog homeboy get it you dont have to be mainstream to kick it fool.

  18. Alan is an absolute legend, he has great performing chops and an excellent creative mind. I spoke to him some time ago concerning an effect I had came up with which was similar in effect to one of his published pieces. Turns out, I had just independently recreated one of the first methods he conceived for the effect so obviously production closed on that one. It's lovely to know that Alan has similar working practices. Just another notch on his 'good points'.

    I would be ignorant to my own credits though, If I were to NOT mention my booklet on magic with REAL ICE, FreezerBurn. Similar in visual props, but completely different material.

    I WILL be picking up FROZEN, it looks ACE!

  19. Actually, when the hose broke it killed 104 people in my show. One of them was David Blaine (the real David Blaine not the impostor that you see on TV). Currently, I'm in jail serving consecutive life sentences for the deaths that this trick caused.

    Come on... let's make this rumor really good!

    All kidding aside... I actually never sold the $250 version to anyone. I waited until it was just right...
  20. looking forward to it!

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