Frustrating Situations?

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  1. Actually, sitting in an office all day rather than being able to perform full time is the most frustrating situation.
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  2. When a heckler is not impressed by anything you do. Seriously, once I had a I was performing for a heckler, who supposedly saw all I did (funny enough, I did the worst classic pass that has ever existed, and no comment). Know I accidently dropped his card on the floor and he stepped on it. Now, when I reaveled the card under his foot the first thing he said was "I have a theory". Really? Just relax and enjoy the magic.

    Another thing that I hate is the classic comment from a heckler - "I know how you did it, But I am not going to tell you" - I am sure its happened to some of you before
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  3. Some people could just be stubborn but it could also be something with your presentation where you may be unintentionally inviting them to assume how the trick is done. It's hard to explain and it's something we all do once in awhile.
  4. I encounter this frequently with french kiss.
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  5. Yeah, magicians, or wannabe magicians, can be terrible audiences.
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  6. Not only are there things I "don't get to know" :) but there are so many things I do not want to know because knowledge will ruin the sense of wonder and amazement from watching others perform. I can remember the first time I saw in person a floating ball (zombie) effect and how unbelievable and magical it looked; imagine my disappointment when I eventually learned how that effect was accomplished - it is very difficult to get that back. Since there have been multiple times when I have been very surprised by the result, someone has offered to share an insight and I'll turn them down because I know since I will probably never perform that type of effect I do not want to ruin the sense of wonder and amazement from watching it in the future.
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  7. While I do find it crass to ask how it is done, the sense of wonder I have does not fade if they are gracious enough to share the method with me. It just changes. I know how it is done now, but I see the other side of it and love watching them perform, and seeing how they present it.
  8. I agree that sometimes knowing the method ruins the effect, but there is part of me that just loves some methods. I smirk inside when I read them. Sometimes, even when you know the method, it is amazing to see it performed well. I remember seeing Gregory Wilson perform a routine, explain it and then perform it again. Even when I knew how it was done, I couldn't see anything. I especially love the feeling I get when I've practice something so much that I don't know I'm doing something and actually start to surprise myself.

    P.S. The key with the Zombie Ball is to perform it in a way that anyone who knows the secret wouldn't recognize.
  9. Somewhat tangential but - I remember seeing a Shoot Ogawa lecture. He did a coin routine, like a coins across I believe, and it was beautiful to watch from the audience's perspective. But then he turned around and did it from the exposed angle, and in my opinion this was the more beautiful of the two versions. His skill and mastery is incredible. That was the same day he muscle passed a coin up -my- sleeve.
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  10. This is how I felt when I watched the Jason England tutorial video on the Straddle Pass. I just laughed because it was done so well that even with know how it was done I couldn't tell.
  11. You are describing my younger cousin. Whenever we are at a family gathering, he becomes the ultimate heckler. Let me quote some of his "wise" words:
    Oh, no no let me put the cwrd in the pack.
    Oh i saq you palmed the card(when there was no palming involved).
    Oh, i am sure it came to the top in some way. Lets see the top card.
    Oh you can remember the order of all the cards? Let me shuffle them and tell me the place of the card.
    Now we come to the best one: [while doing table work]:
    Literally puts his nose on the close up pad, 2 inches away from the cards, and says: oh it came from the bottom. Ooh you cut the cards to put my card to the top.

    Quick disclaimer: It isnt necessarily my cousin, but basically all of the most annoying hecklers that I have had the "pleasure" of meeting
  12. Those who are not entertained by your performance will find a way to be entertained otherwise.
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  13. This situation:

    "Oh yeah that's cool but, I used to do magic lemme show you something!" *takes cards*

    *proceeds to do the self-working trick where the cards are in three piles that I have seen so many times*

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