1. E

    What are some youtube channels that teach how to make gimmicks?

  2. C

    Controls as routines

    Ok i am not completely new to magic, Ive been doing it for about 2 years and practice constantly. What I like to do with my friends who I perform magic too daily is just do a control and then show them that I moved the card(s) without them noticing (thats on a good day). Things like the classic...
  3. Gabriella J

    Frustrating Situations?

    Hey everyone!! I wanted to know if any of you had anything that frustrates you as magicians, that may relate to some of us. (Ex. Certain audiences, performers who don't script material, or common mistakes magicians make, etc).... anything that bothers or frustrates you ; whether it's other...
  4. K

    Classic Pass: Question and tips??

    Hi so I've been doing magic for around 2 years on and off, and when I gave up on the pass a while ago. Recently I tried picking it up again as a mostly angle proof slight and I noticed a few problems that I encountered that weren't mentioned anywhere on the interwebs. Problem 1: When I'm...
  5. Numbnutts

    Can the Venom Project by Maggie Factory be used to perform the tricks in Invisible by Damian Savina?

    Hey people! I was just wondering something, is it possible to the Venom Project ITR's for the tricks demonstrated in the Invisible trailer on Im planning on getting one by christmas, and I really like the Venom, but the levitating ring trick in invisible is pure gold soooo...
  6. GuitarStrings

    Spread and Square - Has it been done?

    Spread and Square - by GuitarString Hello fellow magicians! Recently, I've developed a new card trick and I'm planning to create a tutorial out of it (Also, this would be a first video tutorial and magic performance). However, I am not sure if this trick has been done by others or not. Are...
  7. M

    Invisible Deck questions/issues

    I recently got my first ID and just had a few questions about it. It seems that even if I use lots of pressure while spreading, many cards flash. It only flashes a little bit, so only the white edge of the card shows, but it I feel like it shouldn't flash at all. Is it normal for the cards to...
  8. pugz

    What is a persona to you?

    Okay so this could and does bring up a few questions: 1. What is a persona? 2. Is it something you like to put on during performances? 3. Or is it just your personality? 4. Does this enhance your audience's experience in a good way? 5. If you have a different persona to your personality, then...
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