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  1. [video=youtube;Jj1n3tLgDUg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj1n3tLgDUg[/video]

    Criticism it greatly appreciated!
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    This should be in the Card Magic forum, not here.

    When you are doing overhand shuffle, it would be much better to injog the card (card protruding from the deck towards you), than to outjog the card (card protruding from the deck towards the audience), because audience can see what is going on, and they are not supposed to.
    Practice your presentation, it seems like you are actually thinking hard of what to do next and what to say next.
    I wouldn't tell the audience to keep quiet, it's a bit rude. And you are fiddling and dribbling the cards way to much, keep your hands still (or table the deck).
  3. I'm really sorry, but I laughed quite hard at your jog shuffle. You practically just showed everyone watching what you were doing. Have you got any actual books on card magic? Even the really basic books tell you to jog the card towards yourself. I suggest you stop posting videos and learning tricks from the internet and actually study the tricks and moves properly.

    Also, in every thread you've started where you have asked for criticism, I have said the same thing. GO AND PERFORM FOR A REAL AUDIENCE AND FILM IT! Nearly every trick you have posted hinges on the fact the audience has a free choice of where to stop or gets to choose a number. If you do this your self you just destroy the whole illusion as there is no way we can tell if you genuinely chose a random number or not. This trick in particular, is impressive to lay audiences because in the back of their mind they know they if they could have chosen a different number and would have ended with a different card. You choose the number yourself and everyone just thinks 'Well he knew that card was at that number.'

    So I'll give the same advice again. If you're going to do pick-a-card or pick-a-number style tricks then you need an audience. Apart from you terrible jog shuffle, you are more than capable of performing for lay people as you at least have the common sense to choose simple to perform tricks that lay audiences will enjoy. Your card handling needs work, but you are good enough and confident enough to start performing and performing will help you improve further.

    If you want criticism then that's the only one I have, but I expect you to ignore it like every other time, as in reality I just think you want praise, as demonstrated by the fact you are continuously posting videos without taking on board any of the criticism you apparently keep asking for.

  4. I'm not going to give any feedback on this performance but I do have to repeat to you what's already been said. When you are asking for feedback, actually take the time to soak in the feedback that has been given. Instead of posting a video asking for feedback then in a few days post a completely new performance and ask for more feedback, take the time to read what we've told you. Take the criticism we are giving and apply it to your performance. You ask for feedback but don't consider what's been said.

    What you need to do is post a single performance, read what were telling you, practice. After a few days post a new video of the SAME performance so we can tell you if you have improved on what we told you. Asking for feedback then posting new performances and asking for more feedback doesn't help you. Sorry if I'm wrong but its starting to come off like you are posting more and more videos looking for praise, not feedback.

    Take some time, review your previous posts and practice those effects but include all the tips we have given you. You will notice that less and less members will be willing to give you feedback if you continue to ignore it. I hope this time you actually consider what everyone here is telling you and improve your skill. Take some time practicing ONE effect until you have it down 100% then go out and like Rev said, perform for a live audience. Hope this helps.

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