Fusion by Sean Fields = Torn Asunder?

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  1. heres is the product description : A card is chosen and signed by the spectator. Slowly and deliberately, the magician folds the card in half lengthwise, then widthwise. He opens the card up and then tears it into quarters, fairly displaying the four pieces. He places two of the pieces in his mouth and just touches the other two together. The pieces immediately fuse back together! The next piece is shown and restored in the same fashion, as well as the final piece. After displaying the fully restored card, the magician comments on the creases in the card, which he then visibly "irons" out! Still not content, the magician then peels off the spectator's signature, thus fully restoring the card to its original condition!
    You get the complete, 26-page, fully photo-illustrated booklet.

    Seems extremely alike what is up with this!

    Input Appreciated

  2. I don't own Torn Asunder, but because of the price I would say that there is quite a hefty gimmick involved.

    I do own Fusion, and the gimmick is extremely easy to make. The routine does have similarities, which leads me to believe Sean got his inspiration from TA, but that doesn't mean they are the same effect. If they were, then Chris Kenner would have been ripping people off by selling it at such a high price. Even that effect isn't worth that kind of money.

  3. from the performance i saw david copperfeild do of torn asunder they seem identical maybe they are via different methods
  4. There's a gimmick in Fusion?
    I don't remember needing one for it...
  5. If a version (or very close replicate) of Torn Asunder was released, you can guarantee the magic community would be going nuts with joy.
  6. Sean Fields is a pretty legit magician. Fusion has been out for ages and I have not heard anything controversial surrounding it.

    I'd like to see Sean release some stuff through Theory 11! Then, I'd probably buy something. =)
  7. I don't actually mean a gimmick gimmick. More like the method to Torn uses a "gimmick". That kind.

  8. Hey guys!

    There is no controversy regarding Fusion because it is, like EVERY other piece by piece restoration out there, just an attempt at recreating the Torn Asunder effect. Many have tried, to varying success, to recreate Chris' masterpiece. Fusion was just my first kick at the proverbial cat.

    I just hope Chris isn't p1ssed that I tried to emulate his effect so closely; I just wanted to maintain the integrity of the original illusion.

  9. Yeah, In the beginning you said that you wanted to recreate the DC illusion.
  10. Yea, seanfields.net went defunct a couple of months ago. My fault, I suck.

    The good news is I have a new site now, www.seanfieldsmagic.com!

    I posted a thread elsewhere regarding the new site, so I won't say much other than GO CHECK IT OUT! I am constantly updating the site, getting new (and old) magic up and available for download. There are products you can't get anywhere else, like the 1337 notes.

  11. If one is recreating an effect so closely, isn't that a reason why some of them get called on that they're just repackaging other effects? Anyway, I won't go further to try and stay on track.

    So, a lot of people want to make their own version of Chris' effect. For me, it's like the development of the effect is kind of reversed. One of, if not the best, torn and restored effect was already created created back then. I'm not saying that recent takes on the tnr effect are clearly inferior to TA you have to admit that the almost perfect masterpiece has already been made. It's just a matter of developing it, and hopefully we can, to make it better in terms of convenience and practicality.

    My idea of a perfect tnr effect was exactly the way TA accomplished it. Restoring the card completely to its original state. Now I already had that idea even before I saw TA, and then I see that it has been created already. I was just impressed. It would take a lot to be able to create something as awesome as that one. Now that you remind me of it, I've been looking for a different TnR, so thanks for bringing Fusion up.
  12. Sean i apologize if i offended you in my opinion it is great to shape a tnr out of a phenomenal tnr and add with more practicality which i have herd the gimmick is extremely easy to make unlike TA. So i thank you for releasing this and again if you are offended in anyway i am sorry. I was just shocked. When i get some money. I will be picking up your book test and is that good for stage. Because i have a talent show coming up and that seems immensely impressive. Also 1337 and fusion so thank you for releasing these great products.

    Thanks Again
  13. No offense taken dude. :)
  14. Sean is Flight 404 the same as your Northbound DVD? Thanks!

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