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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cedric Taylor, May 15, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, i like to take my effects to the next level with geek and bizzare effects, i really like to leave my audience wondering if i'm really human (something like that) If anyone knows, please give me sources no matter if its books, e-books, downloads, DVD's or VHS's of geek and bizzaro effects, your efforts are very much appreciated.......

    my reasonings for this is because i like to dab into or mix all sorts of magic in with my routines...on occasions i perform stunts as well...i want to be as well rounded as possible...
  2. Being well-rounded is good, but sooner or later you should probably pick a specialization.

    Anyway, I think we should clear something up. Bizarre magic is not the same as shock magic. It's a pursuit of more theatricality in magic.

    To learn bizarre magic, you really to understand and appreciate that magic is theater.
  3. You've probably already looked into this but Thread by Wayne Houchin is amazing
  4. yeah i have.....thanks.....
  5. I wanna learn more geek magic, too.
    But the tricks I can do: thread, human blockhead, sick (by sean fields), control, are killers, Buy these, you won't regree it
  6. Saw - Sean Fields
  7. I will recomend this to you but dont buy it if you are not realy serious about geek magic. The book Swami Mantra is filled with diffrent effects that were created and performed the most in East India. Each effect has a fairly high amount of danger to it so I would recomend that you check it out on penguin magic and put a lot of reserch in to it befor you buy it. Also you have to have a personne of 18 years or older purchase it for you.

  8. Whilst i have little knowledge about 'Geek' or 'Bizzarre' magic, i do suggest that future posters should refrain from suggesting specific effects from artists.

    Simply put, while the effects (assuming) are clearly well thought and taught well, they might not fit in with the performer and they may have trouble transitioning, or the very least fitting it in somewhere in their routine.

    Try and suggest sources instead like the poster above me.

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    Okay I am going to set something strait before this thread continues anymore.
    Bizarre magic is not Geek magic.

    Bizarre magic is what I am getting into, which is story telling magic, or magic that focus more on the theatrics of the performance other than just fooling the audience.

    Geek magic is the act in a sideshow where an ordinary person, does something to there body that isn't natural. Thread is geek magic because it is a stunt, The Human blockhead is a geek trick, eating glass, laying on a bed of nails.

    Bizarre is usually told with a story, sometimes that story is accompanied with a moral. The Gypsy Monte is an example of what bizarre magic is. If you want more examples go here, this is real bizarre magic.
  10. You could also ask me. I do this for a living.
  11. *Gestures in an agreeing way* Indeed, Steerpike is a good direct source.
  12. Wow..seriously? So now everyone needs to not only watch what they say, how they say it, but even specifically what NOT to say?

    Why don't we you give us a template to fill out and a 80 character limit, that way everyone can sound the
  13. Hey Cedric....Steerpike is a real valuable resource when it comes to this genre of magic. In fact, he's working on something that I think you'll really appreciate. I don't want to give away anything more, but I'm sure if you talk to him he'll tell you about it.
  14. Or I could just say it here. I released my new eBook, Exalt of the Weird, this week. It's currently available only in PDF. Print version won't be out until this summer.
  15. Or you could that....ok then.

  16. Allright, no need to get menstrual about it. Relax.

    Simply put, while the effects (assuming) are clearly well thought and taught well, they might not fit in with the performer and they may have trouble transitioning, or the very least fitting it in somewhere in their routine.

    By reading your reply, you're implying that i said something along the lines of "Hello idiots. Please stop suggesting effects as it does nothing to help the topic starter."

    Come on. Seriously.
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    No, I think you are going menstrual about it. I only quoted you because you were the closest to the bottom. The world isnt out to get you, including me.



    Also, my goodness if you do not like to be quoted and made an example of, first don't post, because it is public domain. Second research the topic first before you post, it is better to be thought of a fool, then to type it and confirm.

    This goes for all posters.

  18. Actually I was referring to this quote..'s more like "Now now boys, don't say things like this....say it like this instead..." Like some nagging old lady...geez.

    In either case...what is wrong with recommending specific effects? Even if it doesn't fit, it's not as if the performer can't make it their own. Why even bring something like that up? Stop treating everyone here like little kids that can't think for themselves.
  19. LOL ROFL

  20. I hate to nitpick BUT these effects are not magic at all. These are sideshow demonstrations. (Mind you magic and sideshow have blurred lines in today's world) Very rarely should you mix sideshow and magic because if even ONE thing is suspect, the real stuff loses it's impact. There has to be a definite line that people can see when you do both.

    If you do something in a sideshow that is magic based, you should present it as a sideshow effect. (Fixing a Rubik's cube in yer mouth, Thread, razor blades, etc)

    Now that I have straightened that out (Mostly for my own amusement) my advice is to look at what's available, and invent your own stuff. Andrew Mayne has a number of weird things that can be adapted. Heck even I have a video on the Razor Blade Illusion (SHAMELESS PLUG!!)

    Hey Steerpike, what kinda stuff you got in that pdf?

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