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  1. Hello guys!

    I’m really glad to show you my first magic creation, which is an Android app.

    It lets you do various effects:

    - turn on the screen and show a prediction without touching the phone,

    - force a card,

    - take a picture of the spectator, ask him to think of a card and show the pic with the thought card,

    - predict a freely chosen song,

    - predict literally whatever you want with a gimmicked web browser,

    - predict a calculation result,

    - put a coin/card/bill in your phone screen.

    The trailer:

    The app:

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs!

    Enjoy! :)

  2. Interesting... Just gave it a download and plan on checking it out after work!
  3. Hey dude!

    Just wanted to pop by and say that I watched the videos and was iffy on purchasing it but I saw BrowsEEr aaaaaaand instantly hit purchase :D it's worth the price of all of these together.

    I also decided to recreate 'Wonkavision' using Prediction and I think I'm going to have a lot of fun performing this one!

    My day job is web app testing and I do a little programming on the side so I think I have a keen eye for bugs - I'll keep a look out for ya! ;)
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  4. Hi!
    Thanks a lot!

    Just came up with a new idea for browsEEr! In the next update, you'll be able to put several URLs, so that you can ask the spectator what he wants to play with. Auto selection based on domain name ;)


  5. That sounds awesome! Just out of curiosity, what language/environment are you using to develop this app?
  6. Java using Android SDK.
    I'll try to learn swift for iOS users.

    Also, please leave a comment on the store and share with your friends :)

  7. Can do! I sent you a PM too!
  8. I just tried out this app and I have to review it. It is honestly a magic powerhouse - It can do 7 different effects and some effects can also be presented in multiple ways (like rEEality can be used with coins, cards, bills, etc and Photobomb can be used for full card or index) so really there's around 10 tricks you can do with this app.

    Here’s a short review on the individual tricks -

    1. Photobomb
    Effect: Reveal a freely chosen card on a picture.
    Review: This is really fun to perform. I perform it by taking a picture of my spectator’s palm and appearing his chosen card on it. You can also share the picture to his phone which is a nice feature.

    2. Prediction
    Effect: Make a forced card appear on the screen whenever you want.
    Review: This effect is exactly as it sounds like. It looks cool if you disappear the forced card from the deck and you snap over your phone to appear the card on the screen.

    3. TouchForce
    Effect: Force any card with your phone.
    Review: This is a nice way to force cards if you’re not carrying your deck. I use it in my Card to Anywhere routine – I just carry the card which I load somewhere and force it with this app.

    4. rEEality
    Effect: Make things go into and out of the screen.
    Review: This is a standard Coin or Card to Phone effect but also added is a 1$ bill.

    5. Player
    Effect: Predict a freely chosen song.
    Review: The thinking behind this one is brilliant. It’s very simple but a hard hitter. It’s one of my favourites and the creator has also said he’ll be improving it further by adding playlists.

    6. Calculator
    Effect: Force any number
    Review: The effect is similar to the Toxic Formula but this is better as no setup is required.

    7. BrowsEEr
    Effect: Force any web page and predict whatever you want!
    Review: This is another brilliant effect with endless possibilities. You can force ANYTHING you want – movies, celebrities, books, absolutely anything! I love coming up with new presentations with this one.

    I have bought many magic apps over the years and this one I dare say is at the top of the list. You will not regret downloading this... I guarantee it!
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