Get rid of shyness?

The absolute, sure fire way to get rid of shyness is to face it. Perform as much as you can. The shaking is not from being shy it's from being nervous. To get rid of nervousness, perform. Just do it. I took acting classes for 3 years, so my shyness disappeared within that time, but alot of magicians are shy, no matter their experience level. Alot of professional magicians are shy/nervous when they perform, but they have mastered how not to show it. That's what you've gotta do. :)

Anthony Bass
Sep 4, 2007
I'm one of the lucky ones! I LOVE being in front of people lol. Yes rarely I can shake a little (just like everyone) But for the most part I'm not shy at all. When I get nervous it's infront of people I know not strangers. If I screw up a trick for some strangers they cant taunt me. If I screw up a trick for 350 of my class mates yeah they can be annoying. Just practice and you'll get over it. If you practice before showing a trick you will most likely not mess up, and if you don't mess up what's there to be shy about? Like I said that's just me only thing that intimidates me is a large large crowd. Hope that helped!:D
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