Goals for the end of summer '08

Sep 2, 2007
La Crescenta, CA
I think we should revive this post, now that summer is nearing its end (at least for us teens who still go to school).

1. Get VERY GOOD with the Clipshift.
2. Nail the Jackson 5.
3. Make a routine with the S.W. Elevator.
4. Get my hands on Tally-Hos and Arrcos before school starts.
5. Speed up my Cobra Cut

2, 3, and 4 are done. 1 and 5 are left - time to get to work on #1, I've had enough of flourishes after that Jackson 5.
Sep 1, 2007
Well I definently took my flourishing to a whole new level, but I hardly performed at all. Oh well, atleast I got one down.
Jun 10, 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne
Well, where I am, I'm kinda waiting for anything resembling summer, but my goals for the end of this weird season are...

-To finish up my project with the magicbox
-To start proceedings with my brand new project
-To meet up with Dee!
-To get the magicplazza moving

And thats it really.

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