Going Away for 10 Weeks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by William Draven, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone, I'll be on the road on tour for the next 10 weeks so I'll not be on the forums much. I can still be reached by email or facebook if needed.

  2. Have fun man.
  3. Hope you have a good time!
  4. A damn good person who you shouldn't write off as if he were nothing?

    Have fun Draven :p
  5. Surely no one as elite as you. I guess he posted some essays or something, I dunno.
  6. William Draven. And you would be?
  7. See yah Draven! Have fun!
  8. Tell us some stories when you come back dude.
  9. First story of the trip, and I'm not even on my first plane yet. Apparently one should not pack Smoke as a carry on, as the TSA have no sense of humor when it comes to such things. ...Yet they left my fire wallet completely alone. Go figure.
  10. Try juggling clubs some time. A friend of mine did that, and TSA wouldn't let them through even after he hit himself on the head repeatedly to show that they aren't weapons.
  11. I am the Essence of excellence...They cannot imitate me...They may try...They Should try...But they will never succeed....It may be easy for the educated among them to copy my ways... but excellence is the attribute of a school to which they are strangers.....An Elite...The Role model of Role models....I am their Object of inspiration.... however the object of their contemplation is beyond their reach....not open to the common man...

    In your Absence I will eclipse your presence...

    Elite Prestidigitator.
  12. ohhhh.....kaaay. .. Moving on now.
  13. Ignoring the pretentious douche ... Congrats on the tour, Draven! I'm sure you'll rock their collective socks off.
  14. Mmm..not if eclipse you first...

    And Draven...have a nice trip!!
  15. Good luck!
  16. Have a great time!
  17. Draven, where are you touring around, incidentally? What areas?
  18. Dayton, Ohio. Memphis, Tennessee, and Richmond, Virginia mostly.
  19. You are still not gone?....

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